Countries You Should Visit During The Pandemic With No Restrictions

We all want do do it, but we don't know how or when is the best time.

   While traveling these times could be scary and turn off a lot of people, is important to disconnect from our day-by-day activities and take some time off to clear our mind. We can discover new places and hidden gems out of the tourist's path, meet new people, and embrace their culture and try traditional food while supporting local businesses.

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   Before planning any trip is imperative to check your country travel restrictions because you don't want to end up in a situation when you have to quarantine for two weeks. Even if we are slowly recovering from the pandemic,and thing will go back to normal, regarding traveling most likely will have to comply with every country rules for years to come. In the USA you can find all the updated information about travel restrictions on the CDC or state department travel websites.

   Meanwhile, here you have some countries ready to receive tourists with little to no restrictions:


resort beach in Jamaica

   If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy great food, cocktail and just relaxat on the beach, Jamaica can be a great option. With world class resorts and countless beaches this country has a lot to offer. With Blue Mountain and its beautiful scenic views and tons of waterfalls this is a place where even the outdoor activities lovers will not get bored. 

   They do have a "tourist corridor" in place and a negative PCR test is required 10 days upon arrival. The travel authorization is free and you have to apply for it 3 days before departure. Once all this are done you can fell free to explore the country. All this things make a trip to Jamaica easy, affordable and hustle free.


Icelandic view of the northern lights

   Knowed for the unique nature and all year round activities, this country should be deffenetely on your list. Millions of people were choosing Iceland as their vacation destination, but unfortunately due to current conditions the tourism was decimated. If your plan is to discover this beautiful place without the huge crowds, now is the moment.

   Visit Iceland with little to no restriction. A negative PCR test is required 72 hours before your departure, and a second test right on arrival. A great thing is that the test on arrival is free of charge, and is supported by the Icelandic government. You will have to quarantine until you have the result from your second test and you can do it at your own discretion at a location of your choice. There is a chance that restrictions will ease in the future for international travelers, but even with a few days of quarantine this trip will worth it.



   Greece is already a cliche when we talk about traveling. Some European countries have tourism as a main source of income, and this is one of them. With safety in their mind the government is ready to open the country and with a negative PCR test all residents of European Union, UK, US, Israel and Serbia can visit. By May 15 all other countries should be able to discover the hundreds of beautiful island, their ancient cities and have a chance to taste the delicious Mediterranean cuisine.


   This country comes on the list as a surprise, but there is a good reason why. Tanzania, until recently denied the existence of Covid 19, and even if that is not necessarily a good thing there were no travel restrictions at all. With the new president, the country in taking a different approach regarding the virus but this decisions will not affect international travelers. If money is not an impediment, climbing Kilimanjaro or seeing wildlife in a safari should be something that you have to do once in a lifetime.

United States of Ameica

   The last but not the least is USA. We are finishing strong with this country because here there are so many thing to do. From beautiful beaches in Florida, to big cities full of culture, Hawaii and Alaska you can be sure you will not get bored here. If you are vaccinated or if you have the proof that you recovered from Covid 19 you will not need a negative PCR test. As long as you have a valid visa you are free to travel anywhere you want in USA.

   I know for sure that are a lot more countries to visit as soon as you can, and this is just a short list of options you have. Don't forget to always  enjoy all the trips you make and to the proper research before choosing any international destination.

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