Life As A Traveler

Is this what we really want? A question that no one asks.

   When we are asked what we like to do outside work or what hobbies do we have looks like all of us have pretty much the same answer: we like to travel and discover new places, meet new people and eat good food. The real question is if that is really what we like to do, because all of us are different and most likely we can't have the same passions and hobbies.

   Between our jobs and our daily routine, like cooking, cleaning the house, running errands and sleep, we don't have a lot of time for us and our hobbies. We find ourselves running every day and wait for the day to be over so we can relax in the comfort of our house so the next day we can be ready to do it again. We repeat this process day after day and week after week and we are just thinking about that city break that is coming up or the vacation that you planned and wait to spend time on that sunny beach with a frozen margarita in your hand and not worry about anything.

   Because social media is a big part of our life and we have access to information so easy now we are able to see what other people do or visit every day, and because we spend so much time on this platforms we start to think that this is the real life: people travel and post all kind of locations, everyone looks good in photos and overall people are having fun all day every day. You are the only person that works hard and try to save and have just a little bit of that life.

   Why do we have this urge? Why do we really want to travel?

Everyone that had a city break knows that after 3 days you come back more tired than you left and definitely you didn't relax. Every time you go outside the country you have to plan everything ahead of time, from booking the right hotel to renting a car and map the places you want to visit, and if you are on a budget those things can get annoying and you will end up frustrated. Out of the sudden after months of work you realize that you have to put even more work to make your vacation memorable. But you still want to go and get that perfect Instagram photo that you seen so many time and show everyone on your profile that you've been there. There is a chance you will end up on a sunny beach in the caribbeans and realize that you don't like to read a book on the beach like on that photo you've seen, and you don't like the local cusine and you end up eating pasta and thing that you are familiar with and you didn't make any friends because what is the point to meet people and stay in contact if you are there for only a week, right? 

   After a week vacation you will end up with hundreds of photos that you can post on your social media or show your friends when you go back home (because they want to go there like you) but obviously you missed the whole point of the trip. You go back to work and you start your routine again: work, work, eat and sleep and already think about your new trip that is going to be the same because again you see other beautiful destinations where other people go.

   The whole point of this article is to make you think if this is what you want, if the sacrifice that you make is worth it. Taking some time off from work to relax could be spending time with your family and loved ones on a camping trip or discover new places in your area. Is not about destinations or other people confirming how cool you are that you've seen places. Is all about the overall experience and the people you meet and spend time with.

   Try to enjoy every day of your life even if it's at work or at home cooking or reading a book in your bedroom before you go to sleep, and don't live just for that future trip that probably will not be like you expected.

   If you really like to travel and discover new places and people, next time when you take a vacation leave your phone home and start to enjoy what really travel has to offer even if is something local or on the other side of the world.

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