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Many of us have different lifestyles. We’re parents, children, cousins, employees, musicians, foster parents, etc. We all have different lives. Many of us judge each other because of how we live when in reality, we aren’t that much different. As a daughter, a sister, an auntie, an employee, an avid reader, a writer, a cousin, a student, and a dog lover, I have so many sides to myself that no one knows. I’ve been wanting to start eating healthy. Becoming healthier has been on my to do list for a while. I’m always eating out, eating junk food, and beverages that aren’t healthy. I know I should eat healthy, drink nothing but water, and work out. I know I should. It’s just hard to not drink pop or anything of the sort when all you do is drink water. I drink water 24/7. You want your face clear? Water. You want your body cleansed? Water. You just wanna lose weight? Water. The water is the key to everything but it isn’t the only key. Working out goes hand in hand with water. When wanting to change your lifestyle up, you always want to think spontaneous. Do something you’ve always wanted to do. Try something you’ve always wanted to try. If you feel like your life is boring, go for a hike. People want to change of their lifestyles for themselves, friends, family, and work. When in reality, it’s sometimes because of someone else. Sometimes we think we should change our lives because of someone else. We think that maybe if our life is the same as theirs, maybe we can grow, or maybe our life will be “better”. As we get older, we want our life to be a certain way. We gotta have the nicest things, the most expensive car, the biggest house, etc, and sometimes most people are in competition with others for it. In order for you to have a lifestyle that fits your needs, you need to be thinking for YOU AND BECAUSE OF YOU! Stop trying to be like everyone else or have what everyone else has. You shouldn’t want to have what someone else has because you don’t know what they went through or did to get to the point. Everyone’s experience is different. Everyone starts off doing something for themselves until suddenly we’re hit with others lives and start to take interest in theirs. Jealousy, envy, and depression comes into place. The need to change yourself or become someone else because of someone else or for someone else. You can’t and shouldn’t be anyone but yourself. You are your own judge. You’ve been brought up a certain way. Your life is different. You are different. Everyone’s life is different. Everyone’s story is different. You can’t try and make your life just like someone else’s because you don’t know what they’ve been through and it wouldn’t be fair to you. You have to go through tough times in order to come out a different person. If you want to lose weight, stop eating junk and fast food, go to the gym, and cut out beverages that aren’t water. If you want to explore the world, save up your money, pack your things, get in your car, and go do what you need to do. If you need to find yourself and that starts with you leaving your house, do that. Sometimes we need a change of scenery in order to realize what we’ve been missing. In order for you to forget about your past, you need to stop holding onto it. If you want a happy life, cut off all things that are negative. That includes people. If you can’t cut them off, find ways to express yourself. Write music, write in a journal, write a book, or talk to some. Just don’t bottle it in because you’ll get the worst outcome you could’ve possibly dreamed of. No one wants to think negatively in life, there are circumstances that makes us think like that. There are situations that we go through that changes us as a person. As an individual. You wouldn’t even think that you could change yourself because of a situation but you can. Having to deal with some traumatic, going through pain, or anything of the sort, it’ll have a negative impact on the way you think. No one wants to think negative. We never want to but when we don’t know how to express ourselves, our lifestyles change. We aren’t as mobile, happy, and mentally stable as we were before. Now we’re emotionally and mentally unstable or unbalanced. We aren’t happy and aren’t mobile. I sometimes think that if our lifestyles were better, maybe that would have an impact on how we feel. Maybe it will. Maybe it won’t. What really matters is that you try to become a better person. Try to become a better person than how you were yesterday. I know you’re hurting and in pain, but it starts with you. You. Only you. You are the root. You are the cause and effect. The key to having a better, happier, more efficient lifestyle is to get rid of all the dead wait. Get rid of all the drama, negativity, fake friends, fake family members, all of that. Start anew. Move out of that home or apartment and get yourself your own place. Get a pet. Get a nice job where you’re laid back but you know that you need to get to work. Start over with your life. Start seeing someone. A therapist. Start to date. These are all ways you can improve your lifestyle to morph it into the lifestyle that you’ve always dreamed of. Do what you need to do for you and no one else. Don’t hold back. You need to open up and be vulnerable. In order for you to be in a healthy relationship, there needs to be trust, honesty, loyalty, love, and sacrifice. Would you sacrifice your peace for someone? No, so pack your bags, and move on to bigger and better things. 

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