5 Powerful Qualities Every Empath Possesses

Quick look inside the imperfections of empaths everywhere.

   Sensitivity is often the cover word for someone with empathic abilities. There is a difference between the words sympathetic and empathetic. To be an empath is to understand, feel, and express other people's emotions on a personal level. Empathy is energy shared and understood by another of another. Sympathy is more along the lines of feeling sorry for someone and or what is happening in a situation. I enjoy this formal definition from the book The Evolutionary Empath: A Practical Guide for Heart-Centered Consciousness by Rev Feather:

"An empath is a person who chose, at a soul level, to incarnate with a specific set of qualities expressing in varying degrees: an open energy field, a highly sensitive nervous system, the ability to perceive subtle energies, a strong need to create peace and harmony, and a deep desire to be of service. Empaths easily perceive nonverbal communications and subtle energies from life-forms, physical or nonphysical, either through feeling, knowing, physical sensations, or a combination thereof..."

   Understanding that empaths are people that can feel and experience emotions and feelings of others around them is essential. Energy is felt and placed within a realm of security and comfortability or insecurity and uncomfortability. Dissecting the definition above, open your mind to the 5 qualities every empath possesses:

1. Ability to merge with and absorb the energy of other beings

   Empaths have the ability to not only feel other people's emotions but also view the situation from their point of view. When viewing it from an outside point of view, and feeling that energy, you begin to take on said person's emotions. Taking on other's emotions is when you begin to lose sight of what your true emotions are versus those of others. Having an open energy field allows others to see the soul level, loving energy that flows from empaths. This leaves empaths very vulnerable as their natural instincts are to merge and absorb energy from others. Many find themselves in situations where they are taking on individuals pain and emotions without knowledge of it. Empaths are able to pick up on energy from animals, plants, rocks, bodies of water, and more. 

   By-products of taking on other people's emotions and being an unconscious empath:

  • loss of self, to the point of not having one's own desires. 
  • identity crisis, until conscious of abilities. 
  • not knowing where one person ends and the other begins. 

2. Highly sensitive nervous systems 

   Anxiety can be a side effect if you will amongst empaths. Overstimulation and a feeling of being overwhelmed are sensitive triggers in an empaths world. The source of overstimulation can be triggered from many situations such as: loud noises, numerous amounts of people, violent programming, constant arguing, power lines and loud talking. That list could go on for a while too. It is up to individuals to find their peace and take out as much overstimulation as possible. Boundaries must be set in place to keep your soul happy and energy protected. 

By-product of having a highly sensitive nervous system:

  • overstimulation occurs and this can cause anxiety to develop, based on others experiences.
  • may have been called "sensitive" or told "too sensitive" growing up.
  • emotions get uncontrollable the more overstimulated or overwhelmed an empath is.

3. A premium is placed on peace and harmony

   Love and light is a term used with many hippies, but a reality to most empaths on how the world should work. Peace and harmony is longed for in two areas for most empaths and that is relationships and environment. Through the workplace, family, and social class there is a lot of time and energy put into maintaining those relationships. As empaths deep connections are craved to be made and in this we long cooperation to understand the true essence of a person. If aware of being an empath these are great qualities to have and can produce coaches, mediators, negotiators, and team leaders. Unaware, empaths will then begin to deny their own needs for those of others. Peace and harmony is expected throughout all aspects of life, and where time and energy is spent is vidal. Attention to home decor, sounds inside the home, objects placed throughout the office space or home, and even the color of the walls all stimulate the nervous system. Environment must be harmonious to an empath for there to be a productive positive nature. Fear is at the basis of why one would not speak up about lack of peace. Once fear is conquered and boundaries are set, that is when you begin to protect your peace. 

By-product of having a premium in place for peace and harmony:

  • losing oneself in relationship because so much attention is given to keeping peace and harmony. 
  • pretending to be at peace, when in reality making others peaceful and yourself miserable
  • not having a space of self reflection and relaxation, causes no time for self recharge. 

4. Big open hearts and a desire to serve others

   Having a big open heart means that everyone comes to the empath for their personal problems. For the empath, this is a dreaded situation due to the fact of not knowing where one person ends and you begin. As an empath, you make everything your own problem and having that natural instinct to service, empaths are inclined to want to help. This makes for a great person to tell your whole life story to at a grocery store. As always an unaware empath will run into neglection of our own needs to take care of others. Feelings of exhaustion can be normal to most empaths in this unaware state as well. Their tank is on empty, and there is no more energy to give because they have not replenished their own.

By-product of having a big open heart and desire to serve others:

  • loss of self in the serving of others and their needs and emotions.
  • great friend to talk to and confide in. 
  • exhaustion and emotional draining due to catering to others before yourself. 

5. Sensitivity to subtle energies and information

   Empaths have more than just the 5 senses. Highly sensitive to subtle energies is saying empaths perceive and/or process information from the subtle realms. Natural life is more than meets the eye, and for some that may be hard to comprehend. To an empath, they are constantly feeling energies and presences that may not physically be seen. Picked up through signals and signs, empaths are able to feel energy shifts and interpret what it means, if extremely aware. Parents with kids that experience this, seem to shame their empathic children into disbelief of their own. This leads to suppression of gift and a "turning off" of one's ability in some cases. Though not necessary to use it, beautifully said by Red Feather, 

"There's no obligation for you to do anything with these gifts, but remember that anything that remains in the shadow (unacknowledged, unloved, disowned) will continue to seek expression and strive to be reunited with the whole."

By-product of being sensitive to subtle energies and information:

  • parents, friends, and colleagues discredit as crazy or delusional.
  • make for great massage therapists and energy therapists
  • sensitivities are prone to psychic realms, and open energy fields

   Characteristics of an empath are all positive if aware of the gifts given. When unaware these qualities can seem like pure evil and make life unenjoyable. The happy tone to that is, it is up to you. The more aware of self that one is, the more growth that can occur. This is the ascension era and it is up to a bunch of "sensitive sally's" to change the stigma and make the world have a heart again. 

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