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My Journal Entry 3/11/21

This is a little something I wrote in my physical journal as I killed time while my fur kid played at the dog park. This is literally a peak at what goes on inside my brain. Thoughts of a human.
March 11th, 2021 ??? the time b/c I left my home on purpose. So God, as I was saying at the office. I really am craving affection....real affection....someone that wants me the way I want them. Someone willing to grow me and my mindset. Someone loyal. Someone afraid to lose me. Someone who desires my affection, someone amazed by me. Man get me out of these salsa socials/ streets! Reveal my enemies to me, for I only have love from afar for them. Nothing but sex until I find my one. Better me in every way possible. Abundance mindset. I already have it. Allow ideas to flourish through me. live life on an every-day basis. Live to the fullest. Shit, make me FLY.... give me the energy to take on the days. I will eat better, study my consumption, learn healthier choices, work out, want a "sepsy" body for sure....for me.Dose off there, I was reading my past entries. Beautiful to see my accomplishments.
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