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My diary is going to cover what I hope to be my future job. The work that it takes, as well as the struggles that it comes with.
To start things off I believe that being a Youtuber or content creator in general is an actual job, the only thing holding you back from being a successful content creator is one video, and after you make that one video and you satisfy your following and gain new people into your community, you need to make that one video again, and again, and again. In my opinion this is one of the hardest jobs in the world to do, whether you are trying to make people laugh, teach people new skills, or just show your skills off to other people who enjoy the same topics. I say this because it is a big competition for all of these people to get that one video out there to the world, or that one live stream. People making videos everyday until they reach a point of relaxation. That point is hard to reach because you have to be at a certain amount of following before revenue and profit can come from your videos. Your videos also have to have follow a certain criteria to get revenue off of them, like making them pg friendly for younger viewers, or not showing a certain amount of blood for an example, if things with blood is your thing to post online who knows. It takes time which is the main point I am getting at, it requires a certain resillience that most people dont have to continue trying to make that one video. Depending on most peoples situations posing a video could require a large budget, like automotive videos, certain channels like to build cars from the ground up and try and make them a completley different animal from what they used to be. It is very interesting for people who enjoy cars as much as I do, but it takes a lot, and it takes a lot out of people. I just wish this job had more respect to it than actually going the office and working a 9 to 5 job like a regular person in society. I have respect for the people who go online and put themselves out there like that, It is a lot more than just inline videos to us. The amount of work and hours it takes to edit a video and make it perfect for all eyes to see could drive most people insane, its just like going to a fast food job, or any job even and going through the normal daily things that drive you crazy at work. The struggles that come with this job are a lot different than a normal workplace, there is hate comments that bring people together to try and bring you down for not posting things that match their opinion, or posting a joke that not so many others find as funny could turn large groups of people against you, and the people who support you come right back at those people and it starts a war. People use the deep routes of the internet to find things out about your life. Even as far as knowing where your home address is and putting false claims to police to get the swat team sent to your house. It causes online battles between communities and it all just looks very childish to me, because you dont go and fight someone in public over their opinions that you dont agree with but the protection of the screens online gives people a new sense of security, and an ego, and a really big one at that, online battles like this show how simple minded some people can be and how they dont know how dumb they actually look because it gets their like comments and they think the content creator they are protecting or defending will praise them for it. But in the end of the day the content creator is the one to blame when their community defends their name even if they were not told to do so. Cancel Culture is something that has came with the recent app tik tok, its something that the communities on the app have created to ruin someones career for just posting videos they dont agree with, it again is very childish to me, some people get cancelled for posting stuff that doesnt even make anyone angry.
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