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Hi, I'm Erin Horner. 21 and a Cinematic Arts graduate.
Best Places To Visit In Derry, Northern Ireland by Erin Horner

Best Places To Visit In Derry, Northern Ireland

1- Start the day with breakfast at The Pickled Duck CafeThe Pickled Duck Café is situated in the centre of town in Shipquay Place. Some good breakfast options include Nutella filled French Toasties, your classic Irish fry up, Scrambled eggs on toasted Focaccia. They do anything you want for a reasonable price. 2- Explore The Craft Village The Craft Village, located on Shipquay Street is a treasure trove of Derry. Brightly coloured doors, bunting and independent shops that sell essential oils, handmade gifts, paintings, secondhand books. Blue Moon, Number 19 and The Cottage Cafe are definitely worth the visit. The Cottage Cafe is decorated beautifully with pastel-coloured doors and easels inside. It also has an outdoor seating area if you happen to go on a nice day or if you want to be more Covid safe.

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Erin Horner
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Books To Movie/TV Adaptations To Get You Into Reading Again by Erin Horner

Books To Movie/TV Adaptations To Get You Into Reading Again

You might know the channel 4 show My Mad Fat Diary but did you know it was based on a book series? My Mad Fat Diary is set in the 90s, about a 17-year-old girl, living in Lincolnshire and trying to navigate living with her mum, getting her first boyfriend and going out with her friends whilst hiding that she’s just got out of hospital for mental health issues. I think everyone should read this at some point in their lives as, despite the content, it’s presented in a fun, relatable way and is a good book to pass the time. The Book Thief by Markus Zusak The Book Thief is set for older audiences as it has 552 pages and is more complex than some of the other books listed here. This, like the film, is an emotionally charged story, it’s a story about Liesel, a girl who is in love with books and steals books from wherever she can find them, including Nazi book burnings. The girl's family take in a Jew and hide him in their basement, and he teaches her how to read. The writing in this book is beautifully crafted, as is the story, deserving of its reputation. Just, ensure you prepare your tissues for this one.