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A Poets Point Of View by Kmoni C.

A Poets Point Of View

I know the majority will reflect on a physical place or even a person. Surprisingly for me, it has never been either. It has not been my entire mind, because I tend to think my mind has a mind of its own. However, I found the other side of my mind is something I can get into. It is where my mind has set aside a creative space for me, this is where an in-tune version of myself escapes writing poetry and the stories I can only fantasize about. So yes, my safe space is my poetry rooting from the words I have been wary to speak aloud. Poetry may not be a place, but if I could choose to live inside the wild and free emotions that go into it I totally would. In a world full of mixed emotion and confrontations due to a lack of direct communication, Poetry has set the tone of clear visuals for expressing without regrets. For example, before responding to a situation that may have left me emotionally vulnerable, I write. I write when I am ecstatic, and I want to express my gratitude to who or what was the cause of that. It is safe to say I make no mistakes when articulating my poetry and how I feel. That is why it has been my safe space in this lifetime and potentially another.

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Kmoni C.
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