The Definitive Halo Infinite TTK Guide (With 24 Weapon Types!)

Use raw data to help improve your Halo Infinite skills, and finally complete that "kills with a pulse carbine" weekly challenge

I have done the research we all couldn't be bothered to

Halo Infinite has exploded onto the free-to-play scene in spectacular fashion. The Free-to-play format has definitely taken it’s toll on progression and game mode selection, with an array of grindy progression issues that detach levelling up from any real action the player is performing.

Image from 343 used on the Steam Store page for Halo Infinite
After crunching the numbers, that poor Blue with the Bulldog at that range stands no chance...

On the other hand, the game itself is very much still Halo. Spending a match as a Gunner for a random warthog driver is a great cooperative feeling in a match full of strangers, grenades are still the only way to win firefights and the shield charging noise is as much a relief now as it ever was.

With so many similarities, you might fall into the trap of thinking the Assault Rifle is awful and the Sidekick (The Halo Infinite take on the pistol) is your go-to starter weapon. Jumping to this conclusion is a mistake though, as Halo Infinite has revamped the rules for weapon balancing and TTK.

I took the time to compile a definitive list of all the infantry weapons and their perfect TTK’s with and without headshots. Concerning the table; all data is collected within the optimum range for the weapons.

This article has everything you need to clue-in to the best strategies in Halo Infinite.

In a real match you will likely only reach these times with the Battle Rifle, Stalker Rifle, and other precise weapons. Things like the Mauler or Bulldog are more likely to miss or be at non-optimum range. With this in mind, if the times look very low it’s simply a matter of working of accuracy, or switching to a weapon you more reliably hit with at that range. Armed with the statistics and tips in this guide, you have access to the complete picture on how to get better at Halo Infinite and learn about TTK.

The Complete Halo Infinite TTK Table

The table below shows every ranged weapon, their time and shots to kill, with and without headshots from 100% shields to the kill.

A Table I created from data showing the TTK of every ranged weapon in Halo Infinite
Spreadsheets can be hard to extract useful information from so below are some hints...

Analysing all that Halo Infinite TTK data

There’s a lot of data to go through in the table, so here are some key takeaways if you want to get better at choosing your weapon in Halo Infinite, based on real TTK research:

-          The Hydra does less damage in lock-on mode. The game never tells you this, but importantly these lock-on rockets deal half the damage they do in straight-shot mode (Taking just 2 direct hits to kill in this mode).

-          The Ravager is only ever worth overcharging if you can put the Damage Over Time down then hide during the overheat. Alternatively, using the Damage Over Time as area denial or against a group. In a standard firefight, the 3-shot burst is the most efficient way to kill.

-          It's important to remember that one fully charged Ravager shot with all of its Damage Over Time hitting still won’t kill a Spartan from full health and shields. Pop a shot then hide, or don’t overcharge for best results.

-          The horizontal mode with the Heatwave only deals more damage than the vertical at extremely close range (Almost melee range), or against vehicles like the Ghost and Warthog that are wide enough to hit an entire horizontal spread. In a normal firefight the vertical mode will always outperform the horizontal.

-          The Battle Rifle both kills and drops shield in 4 bursts. This is because the shield breaks on the second shot of the 4th burst. So, to kill in 4 bursts you have to headshot before the enemy shield is broken. Placing the shot before the shields break is the only way to guarantee a perfect Battle Rifle kill. Overall, waiting for the shield to break then going for headshots is slower for most weapons as the shot that breaks the shield can be the shot that gets the headshot damage.

-          The Plasma Pistol is much as it was. Use it to break a shield preferably in one overheat shot, then switch to something else to pile damage into the enemy health bar. Bear in mind the Plasma Pistol no longer shocks enemy vehicles as it is not part of the new "shock" damage mechanic.

-          Almost every semi-auto weapon in the game is capped at 2 shots per second. This goes for the Bulldog, Hydra, S7 Sniper Rifle etc. This means that a lot of TTK stats are between 1.00 and 2.00 seconds with perfect hits, as semi-automatic weapons are generally powerful enough to kill in 2-4 hits. So, when someone runs at you with a Ravager remember your BR can kill them just as fast, just you need headshots and they don’t.

-          The standard Assault Rifle is good now! For years Halo players have had muscle memory to switch to your pistol when the match starts, but no longer! The Sidekick Pistol is fine, but if firing at max speed it can be hard to land 8 shots and then your headshot to kill in a real firefight. The AR just requires a steady aim on the enemy torso and you have yourself a respectable TTK. Of course, this is impossible to maintain at higher ranges, but as soon as you are under mid-range the Assault Rifle becomes genuinely as effective as something like a Bulldog or Pulse Carbine or even a Battle Rifle.

-          While not weapon-based, it is important to note that Melee lunge has been heavily nerfed in this incarnation of Halo. Halo Infinite all but removed lunge besides on the Energy Sword or using a Grappleshot. This makes your weapon choice even more vital, as fewer fights end in a beatdown finish since the extra few steps it takes to get close enough is generally enough time for one side to reach their weapon’s TTK.

-          The Stalker Rifle is the most versatile long-range weapon in the game. With a 3 shot TTK if the 3rd is a headshot and sporting a double zoom (Which only the S7 Sniper and the Skewer have otherwise) all while maintaining consistency in hits from hip-fire make the weapon truly formidable against other scoped weapons.

-          Always remember to pay attention to the reticule. That crosshair will turn red once an enemy is in effective range, and is particularly vital for weapons like the Needler and Pulse Carbine. The needler and pulse carbine will only lock-on to targets within red-reticule range. This also applies to the Plasma Pistol charged shot. If your crosshair isn't red, tracking fails.

-          The Needler TTK listed is assuming locked-on hits that cause an explosion. Measuring Needler TTK without an explosion is barely possible and, incidentally, not really helpful. If you find yourself using a Needler outside of red-reticule range you have bigger fish to fry than your TTK.

-          The Pulse Carbine’s TTK changes exponentially because of the slow projectile speed. While it is on paper as good (Actually better) than a Battle Rifle, that relies on all Pulse Carbine shots actually hitting. The tracking is good within red-reticule range but otherwise it can be hard to actually ever reach its real potential. Use it with the expectation that you’ll have to learn to place your shots carefully to get that sweet 3-burst kill. Once people have had time to learn the speed of the game I can see the Pulse Carbine being the go-to mid-low range weapon.

-          The Shock Rifle can one-shot-headshot. I was as surprised as anyone. I tested it 3 times to be sure. There is damage drop-off, so it stops being able to beyond mid-range, but the potential being there is a huge point in favour of the gun. The Shock Rifle is perfect as a headshot machine in your backup slot and to switch to quickly to disable vehicles.

-          The Mangler is a bolt-gun now. Rather than appearing as a shotgun-pistol like in previous Halo games as the Mauler, Halo Infinite’s Mangler is much more effective weapon than ever before. With a 3 shot kill with the 3rd a headshot, and even able to get a Spartan in melee-range in one shot the Mangler is not to be underestimated.

My personal picks for each range

Long – Stalker Rifle (Or shock/sniper rifle)

Long-to-mid – Stalker Rifle

Mid – Stalker Rifle (Or Battle Rifle)

Mid-to-low – Battle Rifle (Or Stalker Rifle, Assault Rifle)

Low – Heatwave Vertical (Or Needler, Assault Rifle)

Close – Heatwave either mode (Or Needler, Assault Rifle, Bulldog)

Vehicles – Shock Rifle and Grappleshot (Or SPNKR/Skewer for kills)

Go and raise your K/D with your superior statistical knowledge

I have shown you all this noble spartan has to offer. With your perfect loadout just a couple of weapon stations away you can now dominate objectives and nail those pesky weapon challenges using this Halo Infinite TTK guide.

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