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Standing Up For Feminism And Burning Bras In The New Revolution by Sheila D.

Standing Up For Feminism And Burning Bras In The New Revolution

Remember the days when women were fired for being pregnant? Girls refused admission to colleges because they were female? Separate employment sections in the paper for males and females? Neither do I. History tends to whitewash or misrepresent the plight of females throughout history. Bra burning is a myth that emerged during a protest at the Miss America contest in the fall of 1968. Women were rebelling against the idea of being put on a pedestal to please men based on their beauty. The “Freedom Trash Can” set in front of the contest encouraged women to burn items that were deemed “instruments of torture,” including high heels, girdles, and yes, bras- among other things.

Sheila D.
lifestyle . 6 min read


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Top 5 Tips On Avoiding Unnecessary Fights With Your Partner by Eden Shuffield

Top 5 Tips On Avoiding Unnecessary Fights With Your Partner

We’ve all been there. You come home from a long day at work or your partner comes home to you; you’ve had a tough day dealing with kids or school or work or family or one of the millions of everyday issues we face on a daily basis. You are looking forward to seeing your partner because you love them, but you are not in the mood for a fight and even the smallest thing can set you off. You’re tired and irritable from the day you’ve had, you are on edge, and you feel as though you could snap at any moment. You see your partner, they make a comment without thinking, you take it the wrong way and a fight is on the horizon.



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Does Synchronicity Really Exist? by Daila Ayala

Does Synchronicity Really Exist?

Synchronicity has been a term that not many people seem to be able to define. I, myself, have experienced synchronicity quite often whether it is through experiences or physical synchronicity. Many people, in various professions, seem to think that synchronicity is either coincidence, various coincidences that don't have a reason for being, that it is confirmation bias, anecdotal, or that synchronicity can't be possible because everything happens at an individual level and not in a unified field. But what are coincidences and confirmation bias? What is synchronicity for that matter? We will see below.

Daila Ayala
wellness . 7 min read


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