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8 Reasons Why We Need To Change Our Inner Dialogues Right Now by Eden Shuffield

8 Reasons Why We Need To Change Our Inner Dialogues Right Now

How often do you catch yourself saying something negative about how you look, something you’ve done, or something you’ve said? Chances are it’s pretty frequent. Self-criticism is the umbrella over all the mean, harsh things you say to yourself about who and what you are. To be self-critical means that you talk to yourself in a way that is negative and cruel, and while your intention may be good, the outcome rarely ever is. This talk track manifests toxicity and is a breeding ground for self-hatred. We are often critical of ourselves in order to force growth and development. We aren’t content with how we are, and we take charge of the discontent by mercilessly criticizing ourselves and our actions, attempting to create the change we desire.

The Real, Honest Reason You're Unhappy With Your Life by Eden Shuffield

The Real, Honest Reason You're Unhappy With Your Life

We’re all human; we all experience those days where we’re feeling down, sad, and generally unhappy. There are things that cause that momentary unhappiness such as life circumstances, events that occur, needs not being met, and conflict within relationships. There are many daily situations that can bring our mood down and impact the way we feel about ourselves and our lives. Unhappiness comes in several different forms. To be unhappy, you are lacking joy and excitement in the moment, as well as the typical feelings of normalcy that come along with day-to-day monotony.



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How To Be A Low-Key Creep While Talking To Your Crush by Mia Belgie

How To Be A Low-Key Creep While Talking To Your Crush

Have you ever had a crush that just doesn't seem to take a hint? Follow these steps and he's sure to notice you! Look him up on social media and check it regularly. This is always the first step because social media will tell you a lot about a person, and if he’s already taken, you don’t want to be wasting your time. Pay attention to his timeline, notice how he shares political commentary but spaced out between funny memes; clever. He wants to show he stays relevant but doesn’t want to overdo it. Scroll past the pictures of him and his guy friends, but notice how one of them is actually really cute. Stop at the pictures with a skinny blonde girl making duck faces; a false alarm, it’s his friend from high school. Whew, that was close.

How To Heal A Damaged Family Relationship In 10 Clear Ways by Eden Shuffield

How To Heal A Damaged Family Relationship In 10 Clear Ways

Family relationships can often be fickle. You find yourself in a conflict with a family member, and this can lead to anything from a stint of the silent treatment to cutting that family member off completely. Your response depends on the conflict and how you’ve chosen to communicate with that family member thus far. Family conflict is most often caused by a difference of opinion or belief over an important issue. Even though you’re a part of the same family, you won’t always see eye to eye with all family members on an imperative matter, and you will often disagree. These disagreements don’t have to be earth-shattering, but sometimes they explode into something bigger than the family members expected. An argument that goes south can cause a deep rift among families, resulting in the severance of communication and affection.



Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well

Does Synchronicity Really Exist? by Daila Ayala

Does Synchronicity Really Exist?

Synchronicity has been a term that not many people seem to be able to define. I, myself, have experienced synchronicity quite often whether it is through experiences or physical synchronicity. Many people, in various professions, seem to think that synchronicity is either coincidence, various coincidences that don't have a reason for being, that it is confirmation bias, anecdotal, or that synchronicity can't be possible because everything happens at an individual level and not in a unified field. But what are coincidences and confirmation bias? What is synchronicity for that matter? We will see below.

Daila Ayala
wellness . 7 min read


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