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Are you curious about sustainable fashion? Would you like to learn more? My name is Kayla Eaton, and I am one of the biggest advocates for living sustainably. Read on to find out more about who I am and what I represent.

Fashion and I have a love/hate relationship. I look at Haute Couture in awe. I can admire the elegance of a particular material and the clothes' structure on the model. However, I also look at Haute Couture and watch how it influences fashion for everyday people—specifically, the fast fashion cycles. We no longer go by seasons; we go by months. What is hottest, what is so out of date.  

I went to school in downtown San Francisco where I focused on fashion journalism, specifically high fashion, and working with textiles. Though it may seem like a glamorous thing to do, I slowly became aware of how much my school was causing damage to the environment. On top of that, none of my teachers had ever uttered the words sustainable fashion to me.  

I grew to slowly hate the fashion industry. Not because I was scared or intimidated by the cruel fashion world; in fact, I really liked how cutthroat the program was. What I grew to hate was that the students were encouraged to be wasteful. Use as many textures as you can for one dress, one project, and don't think about the environmental consequences.  

This is where my journey began. I went from a gung-ho fashion nerd, shopping the latest looks to someone who shops at local thrift stores for everything besides undergarments. Believe it or not, sustainability can be fashionable. After that, it took me a few years to find myself, and I realized I had a voice. I can share this message with thousands of people as a freelance writer. I have never looked back.  

I made it my mission to find the latest brands that have similar goals as me, and now I want to share them with you. I am not only concerned about sustainability, but I am also concerned with how the brand treats its employees. I want to see a mission statement that resonates with my soul, sustainable actions to protect our planet, and I want to see that their workers are being treated fairly.

Most people don't know what sustainable fashion is, and that's totally okay. I was clueless to start out. However, along my journey of switching to a more sustainable lifestyle, I have come up with some of the best tips, came across the best brands, and I am here to share them with you. This column will talk about what sustainable fashion is, how fashion affects our daily lives, how to consciously shop, textiles to look for, and much more.   

If you ever have any questions or a topic about sustainable fashion you would love to see written, please message me. I will be sure to answer all questions as thoroughly as possible. My goal is to spread this message, help you learn some new things, and help the younger generation become conscious consumers.  

I am a fashion blogger focused on sustainable brands. rnI am here to share, what sustainability is, and how it can change your style.

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