Fashion For Athletic And Rectangle Body Types: Expert Style Guide

Are you someone with a rectangular or an athletic body trying to upgrade your OOTD game? Check out this article for some expert fashion & styling advice!
athletic body type
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Rectangle or Athletic Body Shape

A rectangle body shape can be characterized by a straight body, with the hips, waists, and shoulders being roundabout the same size. It is also referred to as an H-shaped body. The waist of a rectangle shaped body isn't particularly defined and people with this figure have been ordinarily tall & lean. 

An athletic body or a sporty body is characterized by having a straight body with an even distribution of weight and slightly broader shoulders.

When it comes to styling people with an athletic or rectangle body frame, the key lies in creating a fine balance. You can add volume to either the upper half of the lower or a mix of both and you are good to go! To make your OOTD easier and better.

Here are the guidelines to dress up and style an athletic and rectangle body type:

Topwear style guide for athletic and rectangle body shape

Topwear guidelines for athletic and rectangle body shape

An athletic body is already known for its well-defined waist that a lot of people would kill to have! So they have a lot of advantages when it comes to selecting tops and tees. Here are a few guidelines that can help people with an athletic and rectangle body shape make the best use of their future!

  • A person with an athletic body shape has a well-defined structured waist and hence, there is nothing better than a crop top to flaunt that flat stomach.
  • When it comes to choosing the perfect neckline, you can either go for a touch neck to add some volume to the upper body or go for a more revealing to elongate the chest and shoulders.
  • Sweetheart necklines, scoop neck, v-neck, cowl neck, halter neck, cowl neck; there is rarely a neckline that won't look good on you.
  • Spaghetti strap tops and off-shoulder tops can make your chest and shoulders look broader, adding more weight to the upper half.
  • If you want to add some more volume to your upper body, you can choose structured clothes with a fine texture and material. Bold colors with prints, patterns, and embellishments are definitely a YES when it comes to tops, tees, and shirts. 
  • Any sleeve that adds volume to your upper body should be given preference. Some of the most flattering sleeves include puff sleeves, princess sleeves, bat sleeves, flutter sleeves, flute, and Bardot sleeves.
  • Peplum, wrap, bow, ruffled, ruched, and wrap-around tops are great options to add volume to the top section of your body while also drawing attention to your thin waist.
  • If you are looking to buy shirts, it is suggested to go for structured double-collared shirts to make your upper body look fuller. 
  • Bandana tops and side cutout tops cover most of the upper body while emphasizing the waist and giving it a curvier appearance.

Bottomwear style guide for athletic and rectangle body shape

Bottomwear guidelines for athletic and rectangle body shape

The best bottom wear items for an athletic or rectangle shaped body are the ones that can complement your tops/tees in a contrasting manner. For instance, if you are wearing a baggy top, pair it u with a pair of skinny jeans and vice versa. Here are some of the most common tips to wear bottoms for an athletic and rectangle shaped body. 

  • If you want to add some length and dimension, and curves to your frame; you can opt for flared jeans or boot-cut jeans. 
  • If you want to add some weight and volume to your frame, you can go for wide-leg jeans, baggy jeans, mom jeans, and boyfriend jeans. 
  • In terms of trousers; harem pants, flared trousers, bootcut trousers, and wide-leg trousers try to either add some curves or conceal THE RECTANGLE.
  • Joggers can be another option that can add some bulk and volume to your looks while also ensuring comfort. 
  • Choosing jeans and trousers with prints, acid wash, patterns, and bold colors can help to draw more attention to the lower body, further diverting attention from the straight figure.
  • Mid-rise and low-rise jeans and trousers should be your go-to options, instead of a high rise. This is because high-rise jeans will only accentuate a straight build.
  • If you want to add volume to your lower body and overall attire, skirts are an excellent and cute way to do so. It is suggested to go for flared skirts, A-line skirts, wrap and wrap skirts.
  • Having strong thighs for athletic body shape gives you the advance of proudly flaunting them in a pair of shorts. However, to draw attention away from the straight waist, it is suggested to opt for midrise or low-rise shorts. 

Style guide to wear a Dress for athletic and rectangle shaped body

Guidelines to wear a Dress for athletic and rectangle shaped body

Dresses are the perfect option for girls with an athletic or rectangular body and when it comes to them- the world is your oyster! There are so many dresses of different cuts and styles that you wear to nail your look.

But dresses that add volume to your hips and upper body should be your go-to options. Here are some of the most recommended guidelines when it comes to buying and styling dresses for rectangle and athletic figures:

  • Wearing wrap dresses can create the impression of having a curvy body and can help in creating a break between the upper and lower body.
  • Flared dresses can help in adding some volume to the frame. Princess seam dresses and empire dresses are more such options that can help to create a flattering silhouette. 
  • To divert attention from the straight frame towards the chest, you can opt for a plunging neckline, deep-U, V-neck, or tube dress.
  • In case you have some baggy and shapeless dresses in your wardrobe from those good old carefree days, you need not throw them away. All you have to do is, grab a belt, preferably a broad statement belt, and style it accordingly to create some definition around the waist. 
  • Prints and patterns, embellishments, and ruffles are ALWAYS welcome!
  • in case you have an athletic body shape with broad shoulders but you still want to draw attention to the upper section of your body, you can always go for a keyhole dress. 
  • Dresses with a cinched or ruched midsection can help to conceal a straight figure by adding some curves here and there.
  • Halter-neck jumpsuits with a wide or flared leg can help to flatter your figure and add some curves. Drawstring, ruffled, belted with some stand-out detailing can be a fashion statement in itself. 

Winter wear style guide for athletic and rectangle body shape

Winter wear guidelines for athletic and rectangle body shape

Winter is definitely your season! Giving you the opportunity to mix and match, you can add play around with layers to add some softness to the rectangle. Given below are some of the most popular guidelines to style athletic ad rectangle body shapes during winters.

  • Knitwear is the perfect way to soften your rectangle shape. Chunky knit sweaters with some details or length to them can add some flattering effect to your silhouette.
  • Printed jumpers are another way to create illusions. For instance, you can go for horizontal printed sweaters to create balance and vertically printed sweaters to add some length. 
  • Sweater dresses paired up with detailed belts can help you look your look with some sass and also help to define some curves. 
  • Try to go for a more relaxed fit instead of well-fitted or boxy fittings to distract the eyes from a squarish frame.
  • Some other winter wardrobe essentials that you can get are cute crop cardigans, belted coats and jackets, overcoats, and puffer jackets.

Swimwear style guide for athletic and rectangle shaped body

Swimwear guidelines for athletic and rectangle shaped body
  • V-necks, halter necks, plunging necklines, and triangle bikinis help in diverting attention to the upper section of the body instead of the squarish waist.
  • A one-piece bikini especially ruffled and ruched bikinis can create the illusion of curves.
  • In order to shorten the upper body, a tankini can be worn to create a curvy silhouette.
  • You can also go for some strategic color blocking. Having an overall light-colored bikini with a darker waist can help in making one look curvier. Zigzag and printed bikinis are more such ways to achieve the same look.
  • One-shoulder bikini or voluminous and frilled bikini tops are other great ways to enhance your up body by adding some volume to it, further making your waist look curvy in comparison.
  • Since an athletic and rectangle body shape has narrow hips, it is suggested to wear high-cut monokini or bikini bottoms to make the waist and hips look broader and fuller. This tip is especially handy for those petite girls who want to elongate their legs.

What to avoid wearing with an athletic and rectangle-shaped body

  • Since people with a straight figure already have an undefined waist, it is suggested to avoid clothes that are ill-fitted and too baggy and shapeless.
  • It is suggested to avoid Sabrina, square and other straight necklines as these will only bring more attention to your straight frame.  
  • It is suggested to avoid tucking clothes inside the trousers and jeans as it can create a skinny appearance.
  • Try to avoid pencil skirts, bodycon skirts, and straight-line skirts as they will only emphasize the rectangle. A-line skirts can make your frame look shapeless.
  • When it comes to winter wear, try to avoid well-fitted sweaters unless you are pairing them up with a jacket or heavy detailing. 
  • As per experts, people with an athletic or rectangle body frame should try to avoid bandeau tops to avoid emphasizing the straight figure.
  • avoid straight leg trousers and jeans 

Ways to add dimension to a rectangular and athletic body frame

1. Investing in a good quality padded pushup bra

By investing in a good quality padded or pushup bra, women with an athletic-shaped body can help to break the straight line by adding some volume and dimension to the upper section of their bodies. This can give the appearance of a curvier body.

Investing in a good quality padded pushup bra for rectangular body
Image Source: Wheretoget

2. To add some weight, invest in a corset

Another item that can help to flaunt that slim waist and also add some bulk to the upper body is a good quality corset. You could wear it underneath tops/ dresses or get yourself a stylish piece to be worn as a top, as shown below.

To add some weight, invest in a corset
Image Source: Heiressbeverlyhills

3. Wearing chunky accessories to break the monotony

If you want to spice up ANY outfit, no matter how basic it is; accessories will always be your go-to pal. And, why look basic when you could be extra and turn some head around!

Wearing chunky accessories to break the monotony
Image Source: Styledumonde

4. Wide belts for your rescue

Yes, even though wide belts come under the accessory section only, this item deserves a special mention. You cannot miss out on this one. From sprucing up any outfit to adding curves to H-shaped looks, this one is another wardrobe essential.

Wide belts to your rescue
Image Source: Popsugar

5. Mixing and matching prints

You could easily withdraw and direct some attention from your straight body to some playful prints. Mixing and matching prints can help in interrupting the monotonous look and with the right prints, it can also create the illusion of a curvier body. 

Mixing and matching prints
Image Source: Fashionista

Celebs with the rectangle and athletic figures to take fashion inspiration from!

  • Anne Hatheway (athletic)

Anne Hatheway, celebrity with an athletic body shape
Image Source: thebudgetbabe
  •  Cameron Diaz (rectangle)

Cameron Diaz, celebrity with a rectangle body shape
Image Source: whowhatwear
  • Natalie Portman (rectangle)

Natalie Portman, celebrity with a rectangle body shape
Image Source: stylebistro
  • Hilary Duff (athletic)

Hilary Duff, celebrity with an athletic body shape
Image Source: Dailymail
  • Gigi Hadid (athletic)

Gigi Hadid, celebrity with an athletic body shape
Image Source: Independent
  • Cara Delevigne(rectangle)

Cara Delevigne, celebrity with an athletic body shape
Image Source: Vogue

Ladies, if you have an athletic or rectangle body frame, you have a lot of advantages! A flat stomach, lean and muscular body, and equitable distribution of weight are a dream for many.

We hope these guidelines ensure that you make the best use of them. However, you could always bring to your individuality by mixing, matching, and experimenting to reflect what feels fabulous to you!

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