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                                  PARTY COLOURS                                                                        STREET STYLE COLOURS


Leather as a fabric has decreased in usage recently. Mostly restricted to jackets and other outerwear, leather or other forms of leather are barely used in other types of garments. Since the last year (2019), party clothing has massively employed shiny, shimmery fabrics. Sequins, holographic fabric, shimmer dust, and what not are being used for partywear all over the world. Going hand in hand with that, I feel PVC leather is a great fit for party wear apparel.

What is PVC leather?  PVC leather when given a plastic coating gives an extremely shiny, moreover glossy looking fabric. A fabric like that when used to make party clothing would totally give it a chic, a la mode look. However, till now we have seen this fabric used in tight, seductive garments mainly used as costumes and in halloween. What you see in the current market right now, is this fabric used in sexualised garments. Which is why the entire perspective on the look has shifted towards a tantalizing form of dressing. But I feel that if used with the right patterns and silhouettes, a chic spin can be given to its usage.

The glossy look fits right in the ambience and this look can totally become the next big thing in partywear. However, I do feel that the fabric has not been explored as much as it should have been. We see mainly black when it comes to PVC. you would come across the occasional blood red, but i guess we can agree that is not the most elegant look one would want. Personally, I feel that just by incorporating the current party wear colours with this fabric, we could generate a great new collection. Even the recent holo colours trend goes hand in hand with a fabric like PVC. Imagine a metallic silver PVC tube top with high waist black jeans - chic! Circular skirts, pencil skirts, loose, high waist shorts, black tights, camisoles, off - shoulder tops are just some of the many, many garments that would totally rock the look. 

Now if we are in the mood for experimenting a little more, I feel we could use some of the popping, bright colours and get a great new collection for street style. The use of frequency of it might be limited but once worn it would really stand out in a group of people. The trick is to use such garments with the appropriate complimentary clothes. Also, overuse of this fabric in one look can totally wash out the desirability of the look. So the key is to know when, with what and how much. 


We do have some usage of this material in accessories like bags, belts or even thigh-high boots. So even pairing these garments with these accessories could create a stylish ensemble. 


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