Why Students  Can't Succeed Without The Right Motivation by Eglant Hoxhulka

Why Students Can't Succeed Without The Right Motivation

Achievement motivation is considered to be the need every human being has in order to achieve anything in life. It is the persistence for making one's aspiration, ambitions, and dreams come true, putting all the efforts into the performance to receive an evaluation according to certain standards of excellence. This sort of behavior is known as achievement-oriented. Such motivation comes from knowing your responsibilities and the outcomes when failure or success is all the result of your efforts. The main goal is to succeed, to give the best of your abilities regarding the standards of excellence when you compete with others. This topic has become of great concern in all walks of life and human activities, from education to industry, sociology, and enterprising activities. Historians, economists, and others who are interested in economic development are interested in this issue as well.

Eglant Hoxhulka
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An Undecided Fate by Alyssa Hubbard

An Undecided Fate

Decisions. Although many of the decisions you make seem to have little effect on your life, they may just flip your entire world upside down. What you once knew, what you were once comfortable with could be gone the instant a decision is made. My awareness of this does not help the fact that I am very indecisive. As each day passes, I grow more fearful that I will make the wrong move and screw myself over for the next 50 or so years of my existence. This weight is too heavy and I’m not sure how much longer I can hold it- “Are you gonna order or what?” “Huh?” I blinked.

Alyssa Hubbard
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Radical Feminism: The Intimates Of Man And Woman by Saira V Ramjit

Radical Feminism: The Intimates Of Man And Woman

In a world of society that governs Man and Woman by the roles that they play; the man plays the husbands, fathers, boyfriends, brothers, lovers, friends, and yes, the hunters and the woman play the wives, mothers, mistresses, girlfriends, sisters, and friends. It is often wondered why there has always been a hidden imbalance about the way men and women coexist and live together in a less happy world where the Women's Rights Movements had to be made to provoke the acknowledgment of the rights of women to stand side by side by their men or men in general. The question is why men and women in society rank so unequal in both their professional and personal lives that the word Feminism was invented.

Saira V Ramjit
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On Her Wedding Day by Saira V Ramjit

On Her Wedding Day

Looking at herself in the mirror was a woman enjoying a bright sunny morning with tranquility enveloping her heart and mind. Her long wedding dress that was hard to find was chosen to adorn her bridal body was delicate, strong details outlining every curve and space of choice she took towards this path of matrimony. Every part of her was covered with a hint of passion and promise that she turns to the side to see that her train was long, white, and traditional of her parents as she on this day begins her own. Her shoes were a clip-pity clap of joy to the entire whimsical event as she imagined running to the man who she knows will feed, protect and defend her honor from this day forth.

Saira V Ramjit
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"Educating" In Education Is Like Reading, There Are So Many Broad Grey Areas by Saira V Ramjit

"Educating" In Education Is Like Reading, There Are So Many Broad Grey Areas

The standards of education have dramatically changed since the last year 2020 where the methods of meeting in a classroom with a teacher and having an interaction with other students have now been challenged and transformed to remote learning. According to Andy Lalwani's,The Most Popular education trends in 2021is the fact that students will be able to learn faster which will make them smarter to be far more effective in determining the career path, however, teachers need to be more willing to accept not only the constant demands and growth of technology but how to use their classroom in a whole new way which includes helpful steps to make a positive learning environment educational.

Saira V Ramjit
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Let's Talk About Racism And Critical Race Theory by Saira V Ramjit

Let's Talk About Racism And Critical Race Theory

I studied Global studies in my high school and it was all written in those textbooks that talked about Colonialism and Imperialism, slavery and it did not just end with Black slaves but of the Native Americans too. Why not talk about what made Thanksgiving Days so important in American History if not for them? Every moment in our history has good and bad in it, that is why monuments and holidays are made. I want to talk about Critical Race theory because it is important to be open to all parts of life that a White boy, a Black boy, an Asian girl, and an Indian boy would not know about.

Saira V Ramjit
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How A Late-night Call At The Call Center Changed My Life Forever by Denise Tubbs

How A Late-night Call At The Call Center Changed My Life Forever

We’ve all been there before. Working till late at night at work and coming in early the next day. I hate those days. Well, at least the staying late part. This night was no different; at least in the beginning. You see, I’m an insurance agent. The most glorious job in the world said no one ever. The office closes at 10 pm and because my life totally sucks; I get a phone call right at 9:58 pm. I pray this phone call is a quick one. You know the kind, answer the questions, provide a nice tone, and off the line they go; none the wiser that they were just rushed off. I was hoping that it be the kind of quote where I could just enter default information and spit something out really quick and be on my way home.

Denise Tubbs
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Existence: The Evident And The Self-evident by ScottDouglasJacob

Existence: The Evident And The Self-evident

The investigation of the truth is in one way hard, in another easy. An indication of this is found in the fact that no one is able to attain the truth adequately, while, on the other hand, no one fails entirely, but everyone says something true about the nature of all things, and while individually they contribute little or nothing to the truth, by the union of all a considerable amount is amassed. Aristotle It is impossible that there should be a demonstration of absolutely everything; [for then] there would be an infinite regress so that there would still be no demonstration.

Top 5 Ways To Develop An Antagonist In Your Novel by Geiovanni

Top 5 Ways To Develop An Antagonist In Your Novel

Our antagonist is the worst of ourselves and our experiences. What we seek to change and what we know we can't. Here are the 5 steps to develop an antagonist in our novel. Would unassuming be the best trait for a monster to have? To be able to commit acts of chaos in broad daylight without suspicion. For the sake of pragmatic thought let's label this as one. In committing any crime the greatest priority is to avoid detection, as evidenced by the number of arrests there are, this is no easy task. Given your novel is your take on the world there are multiple ways to handle this, but the simplest would be to have a very antagonist that blends in well. Having no distinguishing features to set them apart in a crowd; With such a disconnect between the actions and appearance, one would incriminate themselves first.

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