Modern, but Victorian.

An amalgamation of Victorian styles with Modern clothing
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The Victorian era of fashion was one of the most important one as it dramatically changed the trajectory of styling and fashion. I believe that this fashion era marks femininity at its finest using the intricate but regal patterns. One of the best features of Victorian style is that it flatters a wide range of body types and accentuates their attributes. The royalty, the modesty yet the utter flaunter the Victorian style symbolizes is the main reason this era is my personal favourite. 

These Victorian patterns are exaggerated sleeves, steep but modest necklines, puffy skirts, pointed waists, ruffles, flounces among others. Victorian fabrics include intricate lacework, crushed velvet, silk, linen, etc. The hat was also a very prominent feature of the era. The colours used during the time are also quite representative of the era.

The Neo - Victorian or modern adaptations of the Victorian style consist of the old silhouettes combined with modern fabrics and styled with modern accessories. On the contrary, some adaptations use the Victorian fabric types in modern silhouettes. We see, eggshell white shirts worn with mid-length skirts, or poofy dresses or laced fabrics and sweetheart necklines when it comes to adaptations of the Victorian Era. But we barely, or never really see an amalgamation of Victorian garments with modern garments. 

What I would like to be introduced to the street-style, chic wardrobe is matching a vintage tunic with modern jeans or a Victorian skirt with a contemporary blouse. Indeed, an all Victorian ensemble is timeless, but a mix and match outfit could also stir up the space. Something like - Victorian adapted paperbag shorts or a laced blouse with a pair of boyfriend fit jeans! With the right pumps and right bags, these outfits could really bring in a new trend. 


The best part about this style of clothing is that it is modest, simple but still dramatic in its own sense! The opportunities to don these outfits are innumerable because of the plain-ness of the style. As I mentioned above, body types barely come into consideration while shopping for these outfits as they are suitable to almost all. Not only that, age is also not a barrier for one to wear a Victorian styled outfit because it suits all! The style is so charming and versatile that there comes no restriction in one's way. If you want to go to a party, there’s a Victorian outfit for you. If you want to go to the movies, there’s another one for you! Shape, size, age, time of day, occasion, country - nothing can come in the way of Victorian Fashion! It is truly timeless.


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