Slouch Suiting

Slouch Suit - Looks like a Suit but feels like a Pajama !
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Slouch suiting has made a comeback! Who says workwear has to be tight and sharp? Not anymore. Personally, I love the concept of loose, breathable clothing as compared to tighter and suffocating silhouettes. In tropical regions, the biggest struggle of  a normal office goer is managing to survive the heat wearing the typical slim fit, tapered formal attire. The 80s had it going completely right! Oversized, loose clothing that is a thousand times more comfortable than the tighter garments. 

However, trends rule the fashion industry. Since the last 20 - something years, the trending look was a sharp and crisp one. Sleek shirts, sleek pants, sleek suits, even sleek ties! But the last couple years have brought us the concepts of leisurewear and loungewear. The concept of “comfort over style” is in style! Not just that, workplaces have started easing out their dress code policies. With all these changes, I feel 2020 has got to bring in slouch suiting as a very common sighting in the celebrity and fashion industry.

Technically speaking,these suits will have no shoulder pads, no darts, no princess lines. Just a straight-fit panel to impart a relaxed and easy-going look. Speaking of the pants, they will have a straight; or perhaps a slightly slanted fit in place of the tapered ones we find in the market. Also, the current style of mid calf length pants would go greatly with an oversized suit. Also, these suits can be paired with a t-shirt and skirt, which would give it a very chic look. In terms of fabric, the heavier ones used in suits up until now will not work. These suits must be made using medium weight fabrics in combination with lining. The entire ensemble will end up imparting a strong but easy-going look. When it comes to colours, I personally feel the options are a little more restricted as compared to sharper suits. Because the whole vibe of this suit is low maintenance or low- key, brighter, louder colours would not go with the general idea of the outfit, except for ofcourse, extreme bold cases like when celebrities wear them. One has to either stick to the basics like black, white, grey, tan, beige; or go for mild tones like a dusty pink, an olive or a tinted blue.

Where can you wear it? Agreed, unless you are a celebrity or you are in the core of the fashion industry, it is not going to be very common for one to don a slouchy suit. This is one of the trends that follow the trickle - down theory. The creme-de-la-creme will start the trend and it will then be adapted by the masses. But for starters, there are some scenarios where a slouch suit can be pulled off rather stylishly. Example one - airport! Airports are the most common sights for clothing that is smart but casual. When going on a business trip, a slouch suit will maintain the perfect balance between executive and comfortable. Another opportunity - trips! Vacationing is one of the times when we go all out with fashion. Pair a slouchy blazer with comfy pants and bulky shoes - and there you have a comfortable yet stylish outfit for your next trip to Italy! (or wherever) . Fashion exhibits, high-end malls, fashion flea markets, the options keep increasing! 


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