Stay Inn and dress up !

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Taking an effort to dress up while being stuck at home can definitely seem like a tedious task. Fashion has become non-existential at home. Your three year-old band t-shirt and sweats may have been your best friends for your time at home and everyday might seem like a vacation, but sooner or later, everything sort of blurs into each other and you can't even remember what day it is! Eventually, the dreariness of the everyday at-home life starts getting to everyone. So if there is a small voice in your head prompting you to dress up a little, listen to it!  

If you are asking yourself the question - Why should I dress up when I am at home all the time? - here is your answer. In an otherwise routine life of chores and work, an outfit change-up is pretty much the only thing under our control! Giving yourself a refreshing new look amidst the dullness can boost your productivity and help maintain your mental stability. It will help you feel confident and prepared in your head for any task you have lined up for yourself in the day. It will help get rid of the monotony of the day to day life and create a sense of structure in your week. You will be ready for any impromptu visits, outdoor chores or video calls - which will save you both time and embarrassment.


So once you have convinced yourself to wear something new tomorrow, the next question that arises is - what? What could you wear everyday to look good but at the same time be comfortable enough to work and perform chores? Something in which you feel cozy but look chic? The answer to that begins with a 3 point plan!


  1. Categorize your clothes into -

    • At-home Wear

    • Work-from-home Wear

  2. Plan your day 

  3. Pick the perfect outfit ! 



The basic idea of this category is that these clothes should be comfortable, but not too cozy. If one asks for a threshold of sorts, I’d say you should be free enough to frolic around the house but not be able to take a nap in them. This would give you a clear sense of distinction between being active and relaxing and will keep your mind more agile. 



Linen pants are the fashion uproar at this point! Feels like your everyday pajamas but looks as chic as office pants! Pair it up with a cute t-shirt or sweater according to the weather and you’re good to go.


Wear your casual denim hot-shorts with a bright, goofy crew neck t-shirt and your day will liven up and fill you with energy. Tuck it in and wear some cute socks for a great ensemble!



Wear your mid-length button down or a casual t-shirt dress with a pair of tights to give you a very comfy but not lazy look. The moment you’re done with work? Take the tights off and nap all you want! This is a great combination to don if you have a day that calls for comfort level changes.



What on earth can be cozier than your favourite hoodie? Match it with a cute pair of shorts or sweats and snuggle up in bed with a coffee to work on your laptop for hours!



Your clothing choices can also affect your mood and frame of mind. So trick your mind into feeling in-line with whatever you have planned for the day ! 

  • Try to wear more colourful and bright pieces if your day consists of more active work.

  • Go for neutrals if you plan to think peacefully and work on your laptop all day.

  • If you have a work out planned during the day, try choosing your outfit likewise.




The idea behind selecting the right outfit for your work from home day is to look smart but also be comfortable. In simpler words - every day is casual friday! 


Ditch the tight stuffy formal shirts and wear your loose but work apt tunics with a pair of comfy pants to get a chic, semi-formal look. 


Wear a tank top throughout the day and pair it with any of your stylish blazers for a Video Chat conference to get an instant formal look. 


We would all agree it is impossible to wear tight, stuffy shirts in the comfort of your home. But on the other hand, a shirt can give the best formal look one could imagine. So wear shirts with softer silhouettes and a breathable make to get the best of both worlds !



Don your slouchy but lacy sweater with a pair of trousers and you’ve got an effortless work from home look. It is perfect to achieve a not--too-dressed-up look for a video conference or meeting.



The work from home environment screams high-low! High-low fashion is a style in which you combine formal and casual clothing to make an outfit. The agenda is to not look off-duty and lethargic but also be comfortable. 

The best part of a video conference is that it matters how you look from the waist above only! Use this opportunity and dive into the high-low world of dressing by combining your formal-ish tops and tunics with comfy, baggy trousers.




Any boring, mundane outfit can be zhuzhed up a ton by adding some accessories. It’s almost as if you swirled a magic wand! 

Sport some of your light but cute accessories to just liven up your day or look more kept while working. 

  1. Earrings

  2. Watch

  3. Headband

  4. Socks 

Use any of the above outfit ideas and uplift your at-home experience. Keep your mind fresh and agile. But also, allow yourself to go back to the 3 year old ragged band t-shirt once in a while ! 

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