Streetwear Is Skatewear

Skateboarding rules everything around you. Its culture permeates from music, to fashion.
street wear is skate wear

You are talking to a skater who was born in 95 and grew up on the iconic skate videos that shaped all the hoodlums in your neighborhood.

I saw Terry Kennedy rocking baggy clothes before I saw Hov in Roc-a-Wear. I saw skaters in Alien Workshop videos flying through the sky in a long sleeve under short sleeve before grunge ever conceived the idea of garb.

You wanna know the epicenter of the early 2000s culture of swag and attitude? Watch Baker 3. The more skate videos you watch, the more you realize a lot of these "streetwear" brands are just wannabe skate brands without the skate team.

You can ask designers themselves and they'll tell you the same thing. Ask IBN Jasper why he did a collab with Diamond Supply, ask Vivienne Westwood why she did a line with Vans, hell even ask Jordan about skaters hitting gnarly lines in retro 1s. 

They'll all tell you the skaterats are tapped in. The skaterats are in the streets more than these alleged "street" wear brands. 

I rest my case. And if you got a problem with my hot take then get you some spitfire wheels and find me at the skate park. 

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