She Lives And Laughs And He's..?

There is a huge difference between being a comedian and being a bully
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Unfortunately on August 2, 2012, the comedian Kathy Griffin has Lung Cancer even though she is not a smoker and was about to go into surgery to get her lift lung removed.

While some Twitter users were kind enough to sympathize with the disease reminding her of how strong of a person she has been though out her  career which has been messy at times instead others have turned to taunt her with her illness as an act of spiritual reprobation since she, herself was not supportive of the previous president, Mr. Donald Trump's diagnosis of the Coronavirus whereas Kathy Griffin took her disease seriously for herself and others

The cancer-stricken comedian Kathy Griffin has survived her surgery after having her left lung removed due to her diagnosis of Lung Cancer. Despite some of the nasty comments from other Twitter users who are Christians who wished her ill-will, she has learned to laugh at anything and everything. While she plans to keep everyone updated on her progress of recovery through her networking.

However, the previous president Mr. Donald Trump despite being sick with Coronavirus takes off his mask after months and months of being persuaded to wear one simply because he would not and quite possibly infected other people in the White House after months of calling the disease "a hoax" and causing the immediate death of worldwide.

When he got diagnosed with the illness, he was given the best care anyone would have gotten because he was president but some of the treatments provided was not so effective yet he was protected from dying by taking a steroid called Corticosteroid since there was no vaccine at the time having president who failed to protect.  


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