Staying Well In These Trying Times

This past year has been crazy when it comes to wellness and staying healthy. Opinions vary greatly on how everything is going, but we can all agree that there is a threat.
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2020 started out very normal, and no one could have expected what was coming. As we are past the one-year mark of the lockdowns starting, people are more than stir crazy and ready for things to go back to normal. We are finally reaching a state where there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and some are jumping the gun about the rules. 

As this pandemic all started, I personally didn't worry much about it, and I don't think many others did either. We've seen a few outbreaks of dangerous diseases, but they never took this toll on us and the world. However, for those with weakened immune systems and fear of getting sick, it became all too real all too quickly. Like cancer, we probably all know someone who has been touched by the Corona Virus at this point. 

The opinions varied so wildly about the rules that were being put into action to keep up safe. I've heard those that don't believe there is a virus at all. People who are refusing to leave the house or touch anything from outside if it hasn't been sanitized. And people like myself who are taking precautions but not overly worried. The rules are certainly there to try and help stop the spread, but so many believe that it's just the governments trying to push the limits of how much they can control us. I can understand the displeasures of following these rules, yet I can't condone going out and purposefully ignoring the rules just to make some sort of statement. 

I am diabetic, and though I'm not all too scared of contracting the virus, I don't want to take any unwarranted risks either. My wife and I wear a mask out, we try and stay 6 feet apart, and we really only try and go out if we need things, or we stay in our car to play a certain popular mobile game. We don't want to get sick, so we will follow the rules and listen for when they change. I can see the inconsistencies, but I also understand that officials are just trying their best. 

All this being said, the vaccines are rolling out. Elderly and high-risk individuals are getting them, and everyone is falling into a sense of comfort. At stores, people are starting to break the 6-foot social distancing rule. Just the other day at Giant Tiger, people were practically right next to one another, especially in the check-out line. Much like this;

Giant Tiger Check Out Line

(Source 1.)

and many stores are feeling more cramped as people feel things are already back to normal, even though the threat is still there.

I come from the State of Mississippi and had just come up into Canada to visit my wife for six months when all this started. Due to this pandemic, I have been afforded the opportunity to stay in Canada far longer than intended thanks to airports being shut down, and necessary travel being restricted. Of course, we are taking all legal means for me to stay. Filing for visitor extensions when need be. I do not work in Canada, and I am currently looking for remote jobs I can do while here to sustain myself and not put a huge burden on my wife. So, we can personally see a blessing in disguise with this whole mess.

Being from the states, I find myself checking news reports every now and again to see just what's happening back home, as well as around where I am now. I can't say that I'm all too pleased with the fact that Mississippi is one of the states that has lifted the mask mandate (Source 2.) Again, I can understand the frustration, it's not comfortable to wear one every time you go out in public. However, if it means keeping yourself and others safe, should we not wear them? 

Once again, I'm diabetic, so I would rather not take risks. When I was about 19, I got a simple infection in my tooth that sent me to the hospital due to diabetic ketoacidosis. I was in a coma for three days, and doctors weren't sure I was going to make it. I've got to the hospital three more times, all because of a simple cold throwing my electrolytes out of control and skyrocketing my glucose levels. It may not be fun to follow all the rules that are in place, but if it keeps someone you may care about safe, isn't it worth it? I certainly appreciate it. 

That brings on the topic of "Karens", and I forget the name for men that they use. Some folks have a good thought process behind why they don't want to follow the rules and make a point of why, leaving it at that and going about their business, or even obliging the store by putting a mask on or following social distancing. These people, I don't mind and many others don't either.

The others in question, are rude, bigoted individuals who will go out of their way to put on a show as to why they cannot wear a mask or why they shouldn't have to stand away from others. There's really no call for this, and most of them just want the attention it brings. I recall seeing a video of a girl who had some sort of breathing disorder that made it hard for her to take in enough oxygen. She even had a monitor with her to make sure she was at all times. She physically put on all sorts of masks and checked her oxygen levels. She was perfectly fine with each mask. 

Now, if you have something like claustrophobia or some such, I can understand. If something presses on my throat just the right way, I tend to freak out a bit. And we who wear glasses will all agree that it is annoying as heck when your glasses fog up. Buy discomfort is no excuse to put others at risk. 

I can't help but think biblically on all this as a Christian man. I look around and see how selfish the world is, and how that feeds into people breaking these rules. I'm not sure when it got so bad, but we need to learn a healthy balance of looking out for ourselves and others at the same time. If we could figure that out, this pandemic may have ended far sooner. I won't sit here and put the blame on any sole person because most of us have probably done something that was against the rules. We can all look at ourselves and find some small thing to work on.

There's also a lot of talk now about heightened racism or hate speech towards Asians. This, breaks my heart, to such a degree... We've all read that it began in China, and now it seems we're jumping on a bandwagon of hateful jokes, and evil behavior. I'm not sure how many people were part of eating bats, that may have caused this whole thing. It doesn't matter, the action of one or a few does not give anyone the right to be hateful towards a people. We must learn from our past, not constantly remark on it and live in it. 

There is a light at the end of the tunnel friends. But we're not out of it yet, so stay safe, stay distant, and stay thoughtful of others. We can stay healthy, and make it through this. This has been my ramblings, and until you read from me again, I'm Adam. Have a blessed day!!




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