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Top 5 Ways To Develop An Antagonist In Your Novel by Geiovanni

Top 5 Ways To Develop An Antagonist In Your Novel

Our antagonist is the worst of ourselves and our experiences. What we seek to change and what we know we can't. Here are the 5 steps to develop an antagonist in our novel. Would unassuming be the best trait for a monster to have? To be able to commit acts of chaos in broad daylight without suspicion. For the sake of pragmatic thought let's label this as one. In committing any crime the greatest priority is to avoid detection, as evidenced by the number of arrests there are, this is no easy task. Given your novel is your take on the world there are multiple ways to handle this, but the simplest would be to have a very antagonist that blends in well. Having no distinguishing features to set them apart in a crowd; With such a disconnect between the actions and appearance, one would incriminate themselves first.

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