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Coffee Bean Ideas & Resin

I bought this bag of coffee beans to get my AmazonFresh order to get free shipping (35$), so here's what I did with t hem.
So this coffee bean bag was just sitting around my house and I thought it was time to use it. However, didn't want the beans to go bad from being open too long so I thought I'd use the leftovers for some art things after baking some under some cookies. Here is the recipe for the cookies (the amounts don't have to be exact): Resin is a easy way to make sculptures, keyrings, stamps, mats or anything you can think of. There's so many things resin can be used for and many things you can preserve in it. I didn't want to chew through all the coffee beans, and I didn't want to make coffee so I thought I'd just put them into some resin molds. If I was rich, I'd have bought more interesting resin molds, but I'm not so I'm just working with what I have. Epoxy Resins is mixed in a 1:1 ratio and have around a 30 minute working time. This is the time during which you can work with the resin before it begins to harden. Usually resin takes 72hours to cure fully, however, this Puduo resin advertises ▶Unique FAST Curing Resin that finished casting can be remove from mold after 8 HOURS ,One to one mix ratio is fool proof and has a forgiving 40 minute work time. All resin is the same as far as I can tell, so just find one that's good for your budget. Puduo was just a random result from Amazon.Depending on the size of your mold, you can add glitters, wheel gears, sequins or anything you want (in this case, coffee beans). I found that tie dye works fine, although people usually use mica powders, glow powders and alcohol ink. Although I've never been bothered by bubbles in resin, if you want a slightly stronger surface you can put it in a vacuum Chamber, or try pushing the bubbles to the side of the cup after mixing it well. If you want the powder to have a powder look, sprinkle it on top of the clear resin after it has been poured into the mold. I did this with, tie dye and it sunk to the bottom and clumped in the middle. However, in another batch, I mixed the tie dye into the resin with a popsicle stick and it looked much nicer (like any other dyed resin).I leave my resin about 24 hours before adding another layer (so the colors don't mix), however, you can add another layer as soon as the first layer is mostly dry or solid. I also put something on top of the mold (eg. a piece of paper) so it doesn't gather dust and clean it with acetone or water before the next layer. If you want the colors to mix slightly for a sort of fade effect, mix several cups of colored resin and pour them one by one from one edge to the other of the mold while holding the mold at a tilt to control the color flow.Finally, you can add a coat of nail polish or spray the resin with a sealer before taking it out of the mold (after cleaning it).
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