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Kho gaye hum kaha...........


Some months ago, I began to have doubts about whether my life will lead me somewhere. Will I have a bright and happy future?After a few messy, painful months of weighing up the pros and cons and wondering whether I was doing the right thing or if I just had unrealistic expectations from life? There were moments where I felt everything was happening to sudden and itt feels out of control. But then all I thought and wondered was With all the plans in my mind, life will not go exactly how I planned it... So to take the U-turn with a happy and positive mind, I just pen down a few things and everything gets simple.1) WHAT MADE YOU DO THIS?2) PROS-CONS OF IT3) HOW CAN YOU MAKE YOURSELF HAPPY EVERYDAY


Everyone has a dream city they aspire to be a part of, to settle in, a city that they can call home out of a sene of belongingness they associate with it. Mine happens to be Mumbai. It felt visceral, to have stepped into this city on 29th July, 2019, for the first time not as a visitor but as a fellow resident. A girl with a suitcase full of big dreams and aspirations (yes, that’s exactly how filmy the moment felt, courtesy to all those cheesy Bollywood movies I have grown binge watching on)...

To The Person, I Never Talked To..

I remember the first time I saw you. A mysterious, extrovert, talented guy who was fun-loving and loved by everyone. There are a lot of things I want to tell you, like how cute you look when I randomly look at you and you are being your own self talking and laughing with everyone around. Like whenever you pass by me, I feel a sudden chill through my spine. I remember the first time I texted you, I had goosebumps all over me. Every time my friend's talk about you, I suddenly get interested in the conversation, pretending I did not hear. It's not that I am shy to talk to you, it's just that I feel a loss of words when I look at you. I get conscious, I don't know how to act...