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I love to read, write, eat and travel, but most of all I love my husband and my dog. I wish to work in a library and I am getting there...
Job-hopping For Mental Health, Be Free From Ties And Explore Different Lives by Sara Piselli Giunchi

Job-hopping For Mental Health, Be Free From Ties And Explore Different Lives

Have you ever felt stuck in your daily routine, felt a massive weight on your shoulders, and experienced huge swing moods (usually between extremely bored and overwhelmed by your tasks)? Have you ever wished to experience another way of living? Then, welcome to the club. Just ask around you or look at the faces of the people on the metro: what do you think they’ll tell you? I hate my job. Boss. Workmates. Whatever: the point is that they have had enough. I have got two words for you: job-hopping. That is to say, the art of changing the workplace every so often. Let’s answer a few questions that I have been asked throughout the years about my job-hopping.

How Flowers And Dinner Ruin A First Date by Sara Piselli Giunchi

How Flowers And Dinner Ruin A First Date

Considering how hard it is to find someone to actually want to go out of our comfort zone with, we definitely need to establish some ground rules. Do not surprise me with flowers. We do not know each other yet; what if I am allergic? Or if I am one of those people who believe the ripping from Mother Earth is the same as murder? Furthermore, I do not know how am I supposed to react. Of course, being well-raised and all I will smile, thank you, and accept the bouquet (what else would anyone do, really?); but inside my head, there would be turmoil and confusion. What year is it, did I travel back in time?

8 Hints On Being Mindfully Childfree by Sara Piselli Giunchi

8 Hints On Being Mindfully Childfree

The term “childfree" is fairly recent, but it’s getting more and more popular as an increasing number of people are choosing not to have children. Not because they can’t or they’re “selfish” as society believes them to be, but for many different reasons that need to be heard and respected by those who leave their legacy on this planet through procreation. Being myself in the first category, I’ve laid down a few points. Is being a mum the best thing in the world? “I am so tired!” whispers with tears in her eyes one of the mothers in the childcare where I work. She’s at her second child, a baby and a toddler, and somehow looking forward to going back to work as her maternity leave will end soon.