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How Sports Are Made Adaptable For Inclusion

This world is so enthusiastic about sports. From watching to playing, we all can have fun. However for the visually impaired, this is more difficult. This is becoming more accessible over the years.
This fast-paced game we all know and love can be easily adapted to include the visually impaired. Instead of a traditional hockey puck, this puck is bigger, makes noise and slower. An athlete with the lowest amount of vision plays defense or goalie. The nets are 3 feet high in order to keep the puck low to the ice. Teams must complete one previous pass before they can score in the attacking half. This gives the defense and goalie extra opportunities to track the puck. If you have a visually impaired child/adult or know someone that would be interested in the sport, I would highly recommend checking out New York Metro Blind Hockey, Washington Wheelers Blind Hockey Club, Hartford Braillers Blind Hockey Club, New York Nightshade Hockey for the Blind and Visually Impaired, Chicago Blackhawks Blind Hockey, Pittsburgh Blind Hockey, St. Louis Blues Blind Hockey and Denver Blind Hockey. Playing the sport as a visually impaired person myself, I have made a lot of new friends. This sport is governed in the US by USA Hockey. In the United States, currently there are two major annual events. The Blind Hockey Summit takes place in the fall and The Blind Hockey festival takes place in the spring.
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