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6 Things We Want To Know More About The Tree Of Harmony That We Probably Still Don’t Even Know

Throughout the Seasons the Tree of Harmony Plays a big role in the world of Equestria It Represents Boundaries and Balance but there was only one tree of Harmony now there are three Three how can there Well see When the Tree gave Twilight the Keys to their success it Grew another Tree but with a Castle then the Fillies Tree House and the Main Sorce of the Tree of Harmony all this is connected to the ponies a lot of Questions were made to the Fact wasn’t Princess Cadance the third element but Twilight was Apperantenly the Producer scratch the idea because they thought this way would be more interesting "Because of you. The spirit of the Treehouse would have perished without your selfless deeds and caring. Whenever you seek solace, come here. Your friendship, and the friendship of future generations, will always be safe within these walls. This is Why there is a Connection between the ponies and the Tree of Harmony. Two Before Twilight and her friends came together Princess Luna and Princess Celestia Were the main Sorce of Friendship Princess Luna Honesty Laughter and Magic and Celestia Loyalty Kindness and Genoritey Because at the Time the Pillar of Harmony was stoned for Moons so they became part of the elements themselves as memory three Shadow Play, it is revealed that the Tree of Harmony first grew from a seed planted by the Pillars of Old Equestria and imbued with the elements within them so that it would protect Equestria from darkness in their absence. Four Discord Planted the Crazy Seeds in the Everfree forest when the Tree of Harmony was destroyed to grow out of control without the Tree of Harmony it would be unbalanced and If the Tree of Harmony Dies this is How Tree of Harmony - Destroyed by Sombra with a dark crystal. Her spirit form briefly remained to contact the Young Six, and she was later revived through the power of their friendship into the Treehouse of Harmony. Five the Tree Of Harmony Can give other friendship lessons if there lucky it can be a version of the pony they know they come as spirits because the Tree itself is the Spirit of Friendship but even without it the Friendship Counties to Grow within and also let the Rainbow Remind you that

9 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Season 9 Episode 26 Of My Little Pony That Is Married

Over time lots of you made predictions about who and who is that some pony that will get it in the end that special pony everyone wondered Since the Year 2004 things kept it the distance between love and friendship the first ones we stumbled upon was Fluttershy and Discord the Lord of causes throughout the years Fluttershy made her mission to show Discord the true meaning of Friendship in Season 10 Episode 62 On January 19, 2013, But overtime their Friendship became more than just That Discord tries to change himself Just to be like Fluttershy wanted him to be like her and not of himself. But Fluttershy knew how to get him back to himself by doing the opposite. Then in Season 9 Episode 26, we can clearly say that they stayed together forever the question is Fluttershy married to Discord it indeed true they also adopted Scootloo and had a Daughter name Jet lag