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Everyone deals with emotions differently. In the last 3 to years I have not been in a fight and for someone like me that is a fleet of an accomplishment. Applying to the military at age 19 was probably one of the smartest things I have done. They did not take me because of my mental problems and the small criminal record I had acquired since age 14. The reason I am bringing this up is because our vets go through alot of trauma and mental problems, but just because someone didn't serve In the military doesn't mean they don't suffer from PTSD. The first year I was kidnapped, held hostage with shit and piss In my pants for 2 days. That was my only time I recall diaper rash, although ice had ringworm, scabies, bedbugs, more abscesses and infections than I can count. I can't describe certain details about this event for obvious reasons. All I can say was there was some jealous people who had a crush on me and never aspired to do anything with their life because they dont have talent, and I do. Luckily I wasn't sexually assaulted this time, at least to my memory. To get drugged on sedatives and taken advantage of and stolen from made me feel so violated and powerless. Me being disrespected or Insulted was enough to assault some one in the past. I had took some anger management classes when I got out of prison this time I believe it helped me more than the time did. In these classes I learned how to deal with my anxiety,stress, sadness and anger. There was other people there who were like me to tell me good job for not punching someone in the face.
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