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The Secret Recipe To A Prefect Relationship by sarina johnson

The Secret Recipe To A Prefect Relationship

how will you know if you are giving your all in a relationship? relationships are meant to be happy your supposed to be with your soulmate. "I was in a relationship with a guy I thought was my soulmate for 5 years, we were happy at the beginning he give me things I didn't get in my last relationships he was my everything but as the years go by I felt like we were drifting apart that he find someone else someone better than me I confronted him about it but he told me I was being paranoid and that she was his friend. so I brushed it off a few months later he broke up with me and said that I was not giving him the attention he needed and that we couldn't work out anymore. for days I cried because I loved this guy and I thought he was my soulmate. months went on I was still depressed, one day I went to a new cafe that opened a few blocks from my apartment I was sitting there enjoying the whether and a nice ice tea when my ex and the girl he told he not to worry about walked into the cafe they were laughing and looked like they were more than friends. from that moment on it made me thought was it my fault that my relationship ended was i the one who wasn't giving him the attention and love he deserved." the real question is what is the recipe for a prefect relationship? what is a relationship all about? was i the problem? no I wasn't the problem when a man stay in a relationship for to long they feel like its never going to end and that the person they once fell in love with is not they same and the only good thing to do is to find someone who would give them the love they deserved. relationships aren't prefect they aren't made to be prefect relationships are made to have ups and downs you can't be too happy in a relationship. me and my ex haven't talked to each other in over 6 months he finally give me a texted yesterday saying we should meet up and talked about what happened between us. so I agreed to meet him I wanted to hear what he got to say. so the next day we meet at the same cafe he was sitting in a seat looking good and happy. I sat in front in him and he looked at me and smiled the conversation was light and awkward he finally got to the point of the meet up and that was to invite me to his wedding. I was shocked he's been dating this girl for 6 months and he's marrying her we were together for 5 years he's never once bought up the though of marrying me. so we are back to the question was I the reason our relationship didn't work was it my fault. I told him I would try to make it to his wedding. I went home and cried I was the problem I was the reason my relationship with him didn't work he found his soulmate the girl who give him the attention the dream he deserved. I got a therapist a few weeks later I was nerves for my first seation with her she told me to break down my fears in a relationship things I am scared would happen so i told her my fears. when it comes to relationships I am scared he won't pay to much attention to me I am also scared that he would find someone better than me and leave me for her. for you to better your relationship in a way you and your spouse to better understand each other ya'll should better talk about each other fears and wants what each of ya'll want in a relationship. its also good for married couples to go to relationships experts to talk about each other problems. me and my ex never had that we would argue and move on like nothing happened and now that I think about that we never talked about our feeling and what was wrong in our relationship. which is not healthy when he was unhappy in our relationship he should have told me how he feels so our relationship wouldn't be the way it was. if i would have given him the attention he deserves would he still leave me for her was she the reason my relationship ended. man would cheat no matter if you had the whole relationship thing down pack no matter if you give him your all if you give him 100 he would find someone else someone who he thinks is better than you. being in a relationship is like being at the beach the first few months your happy and your having the time of your like with the person than as the months go by your start to drift apart your start to falll apart and ya'll are no longer that happy couple ya'll were at the beginning. what was the most hurtful thing someone every said to you while ya'll in a relationship I would go first. before he walked out the door and never turned around to look at me he said " no one will love you like I did you should be greatful that I even love you" the moment he said that my world came crashing down he was my first love my first heartbreak my first everything. when we broke up I still wanted him in my life not as my partner but as the man I won't stop loving no matter what. there is no secret recipe for love or a prefect relationship there is no cure or wish. it takes two people to make a prefect relationship. my parents have been married 65 years and they never had a problem that I know of but I know they had there problems and they did thinks they weren't proud of but I am proud of them.