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"Gimme A Beat! "5 Times Janet Jackson Pushed The Envelope With Her Song-writing by .

"Gimme A Beat! "5 Times Janet Jackson Pushed The Envelope With Her Song-writing

Janet is the blueprint! With her innovative concept albums and unique changing sounds. She has been the voice for the people, a sex symbol for the 90s. And now a rock and roll hall of fame. Her extensive catalogue of hits includes songs about crime, drugs, education, /homelessness, domestic abuse, racism, self-autonomy, sex and love etc. A song Janet has written during a record label board meeting.One of the songs that served as a catalyst for her status as the sex symbol of the 90s.With her soft dynamic vocals, she fantasizes about a man throughout the song. Her voice scaling up the chorus can almost be mistaken for an orgasmic climax, an ingenious way to express sexual frustration. It wasn't common for women to be singing about sex in this way. Men had more freedom singing about sex in all aspects, including the objectification of women. When women sang about sex, it was safe to sing about it in the confines of a relationship with no room for dalliances. Janet's previous songs about sex were safe and limited. For instance her song "let's wait a while", Janet sings about abstinence with an intimate partner. Maintaining a pure virgin image was more popular at the time for young women. Anything else was rare and criticised. Janet changed the game. Simply singing about pent up sexual attraction to a random guy at a club, nothing more, nothing less. And she did it with finesse.

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