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5 Minutes To A Better Math Grade (2021) by Vin Tran

5 Minutes To A Better Math Grade (2021)

Mathematics - the bane of every sensible American. There is no beauty, no art, in mathematics. Two plus two does not speak to the soul. Neither do quadratic equations unlock the mysteries of the universe. Or do they? Back in Ancient times, there was a man named Archimedes. He was an astronomer and mathematician of highest repute. He was also an inventor. But he loved his mathematics. One, day the Roman army sieged his walled home of Syracuse. To defend his beloved city, Archimedes constructed what is now knows as The Claw of Archimedes . This invention would today be known as a ship destroyer. Safe from the inside of the city, this construction could sink entire Roman ships. Archimedes was a man much revered for his intelligence and industry, and when the Romans eventually did capture the city of Syracuse, it was demanded that Archimedes remain alive and taken into Roman custody.

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