Dorm Room Design And Storage Ideas To Create The Perfect Boho Space

Use these ideas to gain inspiration when designing your dream dorm room or bedroom.

One thing to keep in mind when styling your dorm room is the amount of space it has and then utilizing it to create the most comfort and sense for storage possible. You don't want to overwhelm the room with too many things, or it will end up looking congested and smaller. Be creative with different accessories, color guides, and smart ways to store your stuff in a small space, a must for every college student's dorm room. 

If your perfect dorm room sounds like a dreamy escape of natural colors and blush pinks, candles, whimsical drapes, and flowers, a Bohemian-inspired room is for you. 

Here are the room design and cute storage ideas you can use to create a Boho Style room of your dreams:

1. Organize your closet with Ivory hangers wrapped with cotton fabric

Clothing hangers are something you're going to need to organize your closet and will probably be visible to your friends at some point. These delicate, ivory hangers are the perfect boho touch and make your closet look so much more put together even if it's a complete mess. You can purchase them or DIY as a craft!

Here's how to make fancy hangers to organize your closet and give your room a new look:

  • Pick a cotton fabric of your choice and tear them into one-inch wide strips and 35-inch length strips.
  • Measure your hanger if you want to double-check, but two strips should cover the average size hanger.
  • Wrap the hanger tightly in the fabric, gluing the start of where you wrap and the end. Continue on with the second piece when you run out and add glue in any pieces you feel necessary. Overlap the two when they meet a bit and glue to finish. Complete the hanger with a bow if you would like!
Ways to make boho room
Source: Depop

2. Double your school supplies as decorations

Be creative and double your school supplies as decorations with items such as this gold elephant tape holder, a cute planner, and a fancy pencil holder. You can find all these at the nearest World Market. These assets look small in size but have a major impact in highlighting the outlook of the entire room design.

Boho dorm room ideas smart and cute
Source: World Market

3. Floral file folders

Floral file folders are fun to add to your desk and add a pop of design to your room. They are perfect for storing notes, old papers you wish to save, or any important documents you may need.  

ways to create perfect boho dorm room

4. Raising your bed to save some space

Raising your bed is a great way to save room by storing bins underneath to hold clothing, miscellaneous goods, and suitcases, or larger items. An oversized comforter is key to be able to drape over the bed and hide what you're storing under it. 

5. Super-cute vinyl earring stand

Storing jewelry is a fun way to add little pieces and accessories to your desk by finding or making jewelry stands or holders. There are plenty of options for unique ring holders, jewelry trays, and necklace stands.

  • Use an old vinyl you won't be playing again, or buy one if you are too young to own one! You can choose to either hang it on your wall or fold the bottom of the record to create a mini stand.
  • Next, take a drill to create small holes that will fit the earring but also small enough where it will not fall out.
  • You can use some of your own earrings to measure out how far apart you want them according to your pieces of jewelry that you own.

Record earring holders are also available to purchase on Etsy.

Boho ways to decorate room

6. Picture frame necklace stand

Another unique way to store and display your jewelry is by using a hanging picture frame, drilling holes underneath, and inserting hooks to hang necklaces. Use a ruler to measure the bottom and pencil where you would like to drill each hole. Then you can go along and drill the holes in a matter of minutes. It will only take another minute or two to screw in each hook. This is super cute, practical, and easy to make. 

Boho room ideas DIY

7. Using vintage floor grate as a jewelry stand

If you want to put in a little less work on your DIY project that does not involve drilling any holes, a vintage floor grate is a beautiful and unique way to hold your earrings. Because of the way the grates are made you already have a perfect place to hang the earrings. You can try to find these at vintage shops, furniture stores, second-hand departments, or by ordering a specific one you like from a hardware or furniture shop. You can also get one from Anthropology

DIY ways to create boho dorm room
Source: Anthropology

8. Decorate your bed with a statement comforter and decorative throw pillows

A simple, but statement comforter is something you can use for a long time, especially if buying it oversized to fit the raised bed. Try a natural color like tan, sand, blush pink, or beige with frills or ruffles. Decorative throw pillows will spice up the comforter and stand out in your room to create a great focal point. 

Remember to keep your color scheme in mind when picking out pillows, bedspreads, and decorations. Choose a maximum of three colors to stick by and try to find items within those. For a feminine, bohemian, flower child look try: light pinks, deep greens, and nudes. Complement these colors with gold accents. For more of an alternative, artistic, hippie theme try: burgundies or deep reds, rusty oranges, and pale yellows. Complement these colors with silver accents

9. Hang woodcraft on the walls and window sill

Using blocks of wood to create a picture is a fun DIY project and is a great addition to add onto the wall or on a window sill.

Ways to decorate dorm room

You can also find wooden canvas and create a wooden board with your favorite quote or saying. 

decor for boho dorm room design

This is the perfect alternative to a basic poster you can find at department stores that feature basic quotes. This way you can personalize it to your taste. Also, if DIY or art isn't really your thing, you can order these fancy wooden pieces of art from small businesses or local artists! 

A current trend you may see many dorms now having is a photo string with wooden clips. There's room for about 10-15 photos depending on how small you print them and how far apart you want to hang the pictures. This is a great way to fill up space on your wall and remind you of home.

String lights are another trend and super cute way to lighten up your space. You can hang lights around the tops of the wall or make a curtain along just one. 

If you feel like you need more decor or knick-knacks, add more gold accessories that will all complement each other. Like the tape holder gold elephant, match with gold photo frames, a gold bowl to collect change and a gold accented jewelry holder.  

ways to create a dream boho dorm room

If you have extra space on your bookshelf that the college may give you, take a row for personal items. Add a couple of picture frames, a salt lamp, or a Buddha figure to remind yourself of whatever it is you need. 

Instead of a string or wall of photos (or, of course, you could do both) is to have a variety of picture frames. Match the gold accessories by using gold frames and then some frames of color for balance. Get different sizes and spread them around the room: your desk, your bookshelf, and the window sill. Use these photos to remind you of home but also fill some frames with the new memories you make in college! 

ways to create boho dorm room

A tapestry is a cute and simple idea that will create a wall of decoration but can be a minimal design that complements the rest of your space.

If you're going to get some decorative throws, make sure the tapestry doesn't clash with them if you're going to hang it near your bed.

Plants are a great idea to add some life into the dorm, but being so busy in classes and your new life, you don't really want one hard to take care of. Your dorm might not even have many windows or sunlight to keep it alive. Try getting an air plant, which is a real plant but requires little to no effort. Fake vines are also very trendy and require no taking care of.

Boho dorm room ideas
Source: Pexels

A small piece of furniture can add a little extra "oomph" to the room like a fuzzy stool or bench. This can help you climb onto the raised bed as well!

Make sure to keep the dorm practical as well with utilities such as a mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee pot. 

10. Add a floor or bedside table lamp

Another necessity you may need is a floor lamp or bedside table lamp. Lamps sound boring, but you can find awesome, vintage lampshades, wooden bases, or geometric modern designs. 

ways to decorate dorm room boho
Source: Safavieh

11. Add mirrors to make your space look bigger

One way to make your space look slightly bigger is by playing with illusion and adding lots of mirrors. You can get really creative and Bohemian with how you set up and decorate the mirror. You can find decorative wall mirrors, large corner ones, or smaller makeup ones. Look for mirrors with a gold or silver vintage framing or a wooden framing for a true boho feel. 

Boho room ideas
Source: Pinterest

*TIP: Mirrors can be quite expensive if purchasing online or from a furniture store. Try checking out second-hand stores, places like TJ Maxx or Home Goods, and Facebook Marketplace for cheaper options that are just as good. Buying a used mirror creates even more of a vintage, bohemian feel. 

Use any of these ideas to create directly or to gain inspiration for decorating and designing your dream bohemian dorm room. Living away from home for the first time can be difficult but if you have a perfect space to relax and unwind, have new friends over, and can study in, you will feel so much better. 

If you have a perfect space to relax and unwind, have new friends over, and can study in, you will feel so much better. 

So now, DIY it up or find some great bargains to create a practical but original and cute boho-style dorm room.

Just a girl living in the city, writing, and loving my friends, family, and cats.

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