3 Reasons Why Demon Slayer Is The Best Starting Anime For Your Friends!

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Since it finished airing in September of 2019, Demon Slayer or Kimetsu no Yaiba has garnered massive praise from critics and anime fans worldwide. With the recent success of the Demon Slayer movie, Mugen Train, which has toppled several Box office records in Japan, following in the footsteps of the first season of the anime, which won the Crunchyroll anime of the year award in 2020; I figured it was time to revisit the series when I saw that it was available for streaming on Netflix. After spending time with the series for the second time, I confirmed my Belief that Demon slayer is the perfect anime recommendation for your friends who haven't hopped on the anime bandwagon.

Here are the 3 Reasons Why Demon Slayer Is The Best Starting Anime.

1. The Production Is Amazing

Tanjiro fights Rui
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Arguably, Demon Slayer's best quality is its production values. Having been created by veteran anime studio Ufotable, it becomes clear just minutes into the first episode of this twenty-six-episode series that the production team handled the series development with expert attention to audio and visual effects. As a studio, Ufotable is known for blending CGI and traditional animation into many of the shows they create.

However, with Demon Slayer, the studio has managed to elevate its production capabilities to a masterful level that rivals any live-action show on television. From brilliantly constructed backgrounds to breathtaking action sequences, Demon slayer manages to remain consistent in its presentation while pulling off some of the most bombastic and stylish scenes I have ever seen in anime. If that wasn't enough, Demon Slayers features exquisite sound design.

The tranquility of rushing water, the intimidation of roaring flames, and the excitement of lightning flashing and thunder striking make every clash and slice of blades sound like they have actual weight during a fight scene. Each encounter is as satisfying to listen to as it is to watch, especially when punctuated with the show's soundtrack.

This masterful combination of audio and visual design is enough to pique the interest of any of your friends who once saw anime as this strange (it can be pretty weird) niche artform. If they have any appreciation at all for quality art and design, you can rest assured that Demon Slayer's presentation alone will pull them into its fascinating world. 

2. The Story Is Unique

Demon Slayer emotional thoughline is Tanjiro and Nezuko

Demon Slayer's production is so impressive that I could honestly rave about it for hours. Yet, what separates the show from being just another Shonen battle anime that's all style and no substance is its story. The show's primary protagonist is Tanjro Kamado, a young boy living a simple life in the mountains. Following his father's death, Tanjiro, the eldest of six children, dutifully steps up to support his mother and siblings. One afternoon, when returning from the town, he discovers his family has been brutally murdered by a demon. As fate would have it, Tanjiros sister Nezuko survives the attack but tragically has been transformed into a demon herself.

With his only surviving family member suffering from this terrible affliction, Tanjiro begins his journey to become a demon slayer. In order to restore his sister's humanity, our protagonist must battle the same entities who took it away in the first place, all while questioning the very nature of humanity itself. Tanjiro and Nezukos's relationship serves as the emotional backbone of the show. We watch them overcome obstacle after obstacle as Tanjiro will stop at nothing to cure his sister, and Nezuko, imbued with frightening demonic strength, never leaves her brother's side, serving as his ultimate sidekick.

As the show continues, we are introduced to more demon slayers, some of whom oppose Tanjiro's hope of restoring his sister to normal and others who accompany Tanjiro on his journey. Tanjiro's friends, Inosuke and Zenitsu, provide a much-needed levity to the show's drama. Yosuke, the short-tempered and passionate wild child who seeks to challenge anyone he meets, and Zenitsu, the cowardly yet relatable young demon slayer, unaware of his true potential. Trio's chemistry is exceptionally endearing while providing most of the show's comedy.

The three demon-slaying comrades all have their own eccentric personalities and skills that draw you into each conflict. In addition to a strong supporting cast, Demon Slayer pushes the envelope with its antagonists, the demons. Each demon we encounter in the show was a one-point human; When we explore their backstory, we learn that there is more to them than what meets the eye. The demons, much like humans, are motivated by universal emotions like fear, love, survival, the need to belong, and the longing for family. And while the show never justifies their actions, it is not afraid to show the audience how similar demons and humans actually are.

This observation is not lost on our protagonist, who empathizes with his enemies while righteously striking them down for the greater good. With entertaining characters and engaging themes, once Demon Slayer captures your friends with its presentation, I can confidently say it will keep them engaged in its story and world. 

3. Demon Slayer Is Easily Accessible

Demon Slayer is available for streaming on netflix

Lastly, and probably the most crucial reason why Demon Slayer is a great starting anime to recommend to your friends, is that it is easily accessible. In recent years, anime as a whole has witnessed a massive surge of popularity over here in America. No more are the days which you have to search and scour video stores or plunge deep into the unknown and intimidating parts of the internet to find websites or torrents to watch your anime.

Now in 2021, with the simple press of a button, you can have access to hundreds of anime from multiple streaming platforms such as Crunchyroll, Hulu, and now Netflix that guarantee quality resolution as well as officially localized dubbing and simulcasting. And to make it even easier on your newbie anime-watching friends, Demon Slayer features an English version in which the voice acting performances are equally as convincing as their Japanese counterparts.  

As someone who has been watching anime ever since I can remember, Demon Slayer took me by surprise. Its production and story are worth all the praise it has received and prove that anime as a medium can compete with live-action tv and even film—as long as people are willing to give it a chance. With a second season that is currently in production and a movie that will soon be available in English, Demon Slayer serves as the perfect opportunity for anyone who doubts or is curious as to how good anime can be.

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