Injustice The Move: Part 2

The Most Disappointing DC Animated Film.

Warning: the Following Review Contains Spoilers.

So a few weeks ago I talked about how excited I was that DC comics were finally making an Injustice movie. If you haven’t read it, then stop and go back and read that since this article contains spoilers about the film.

The Injustice storyline is one of the richest stories DC has ever created. It started out as just a video game that was eventually turned into a full-fledged comic series in 2013. For those of you out there that are DC fans, then you know they have a high rating for making great animated films. So when I saw the film my jaw hit the ground and not for good reasons.

The film had a good start by staying true to the comic and opening with Clark freaking out that Lois is pregnant. You know because he has super-hearing? Anyway, the problems start after Lois is kidnapped, when Flash finds the body of the scarecrow. Poor Flash is overcome by fear gas and is killed, and I’m just stuttering because I’m like he’s not supposed to die!

On top of insult to injury, the Justice League responds to our dear speedsters' death by ignoring it. You read that right folks; they ignored it like they didn’t just lose their friend. The same Flash that in the Justice League cartoon they became Justice Lords for when he died, and in the Flash Point paradox movie, they all came running to his rescue.

In Injustice, however, the Justice League doesn’t even react to his death, and it is never acknowledged in the movie again. Meanwhile, I’m just thinking “The Flash is dead when he’s not supposed to be and nobody cares. What!”

Moving on from the Flash’s unexpected death. The film goes back to following the comic storyline as nothing happened. So Lois dies and Metropolis gets nuked. That brings me to my next point. A nuclear bomb went off and only Metropolis gets destroyed? I’m pretty sure it would have taken out Smallville too, but no, Smallville is fine, considering a bloody nuke just took out a major city nearby.

Anyway, After Superman comes back from space caring the body of his dead wife, something in him snaps and he races off to go find the Joker. Green Lantern, bless his heart, tries to stop him to keep him from doing anything he might regret later because that’s what friends do. Do you know what they don’t do? They don’t act like their favorite speedster didn’t die. I digress, so Superman overpowers Hal and takes his ring off. He then goes to kill the Joker.

So guess what? Superman destroys a wall of Gotham's police station and kills the Joker, right in front of Batman. Batman just stands there with his mouth open in disbelief that the greatest man he knows just killed his favorite villain. Poor Bruce.

Image belongs to IMDb

Shortly after that horror, Superman reveals his grand plan to the Justice League that he plans to run the world by fear, with the help of Wonder Woman. The Justice League is divided on this as many leaguers don’t like the idea of them acting like tyrants. Other leaguers, however, like this idea, splitting the league in half.

Not long after the League splits, Superman’s team gets the bright idea to go to Arkham and take all of Batman’s villains. This being without Batman’s permission, obviously. So Batman and Nightwing run to save their Psychopaths from team Superman. Sadly, though, Nightwing is killed by none other than Robin who sided with Superman. Go figure.

Now I was expecting this as this happened in both the game and comics; however, you know what didn’t happen? Nightwing being turned into a super-ghost by some god from Indonesia. Who gave him the superhero name? Wait for it, Dick. Please note that I facepalmed at that scene and ranted about how DC continuously disrespects my boy, Nightwing. The man can’t even die with dignity. Of course, my other issue with the scene was how it took away from the seriousness of the story. It just made it feel like a parody.

My other big issue is what they did with Robin (AKA Damian Wayne), in the game and comics he sides with Superman hardcore like there is no reasoning with him. In the film, however, they redeemed him at the end using Super-Ghost Dick. Writing this sounds more ridiculous than when I heard it.

Why we're on the topic of the Bat-family, through this entire film of a joke. I was asking myself an enormous question. Where is Alfred? That’s right, folks, Alfred Pennyworth, Batman’s loyal butler, was missing in action. In what universe does Alfred not exist to help Bruce? I would say none, but apparently, the creators of this film forgot that he exists. I mean, in the comics there's a scene where Alfred beats Superman up. So not having Alfred bummed me out a little, since I literally can't think of a time when the butler wasn't there. 

I’m sure you can see what I mean when I say this film has issues. I mean, this should have either been a three-part series or a television show instead of one big film that was halfway done.

The other huge issue was the ending. In the comics, things get so bad that Bat-Man asks Flash to go back in time, but since Flash is dead here. The creators had Mr. Terrific jump between dimensions and bring their superheroes to fight Superman, until finally, he brings another Lois, who is pregnant, to talk sense into him.

Now I think Mr. Terrific is awesome and respect that the creators included him. I just don’t understand why the creators wanted to change the comic ending.

P.S. DC if you're reading this please add Mr. Terrific to Young Justice. He's amazing and deserves way more screen time. 

So there you have it, folks, I’m done ranting to you. Also, please don’t let this stop you from watching the film as I encourage everyone to have their own opinions. If you have anything to add to this review, please comment.

Hello everyone, Caitlan here. I have a wide variety of interests, but to name a few of them, I enjoy reading, writing, films, and manga.

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