Netflix Lupin's: 7 Reasons Why You Will Love It

if you are someone who loved watching Money Heist then Lupin should definitely be the next on your watch list.Here's why you should add the French-language series to your next weekend binge.

Lupin, the first French show to reach the top ten on Netflix in the United States and the United Kingdom has surpassed 70 million viewers worldwide, but why has it become so popular?

Now, if you are someone who loved watching Money Heist then Lupin should definitely be the next on your watch list.

Starring Omar Sy as Assane Diop, a young guy whose life is thrown upside down after his father is falsely convicted of stealing a necklace originally owned by Marie Antoinette.

Here's why you should add the French-language series to your next weekend binge

1. It is based on the Arsène Lupin novels by Maurice Leblanc.

Arsène Lupin, ‘Gentleman Burglar’ by Maurice Leblanc serves as a type of route map for a young Assane. While Netflix's Lupin isn't a direct translation of the book, it does use Leblanc's work and primary character to drive many of Assane's decisions and motivations, as a clever police officer whose coworkers refuse to believe his hypotheses points out early on.

Without giving anything away, you'll be blown away by Assane's devious escapes and sleights of hand, which are inspired by the story. Lupin is a master of disguise, and his methods have a strong influence on Assane.

2. Omar Sy flawlessly plays the role of Assane Diop

You will get flashbacks of Assane's childhood as a Senegalese immigrant in a white environment throughout the series. Assane is witty, engaging, and intelligent, and Omar Sy (who has been in films such as The Intouchables, X-Men: Days of Future Past, and Jurassic World) masterfully captures all of that in his performance, which serves as the show's anchor.

Though Assane is a thief, he is far from evil, and it's impossible not to be hypnotized by Sy's charisma and charm in the character. His killer smile and razor-sharp mind are his most lethal weapons. There are many mesmerizing layers to Assane’s character and one 

In this crime thriller, Sy impresses as the lead. Sy's acting makes it plausible how he mixes and morphs into anyone he needs to be – a large spender, an anonymous stranger in the crowd. Thanks to Sy, you will enjoy watching Assane’s work. 

3.  Lupin is set in Paris, which provides a gorgeous setting.

This series takes us on a tour of the city from all angles. We are offered a glimpse of Paris from every viewpoint, from the rich lives of the manor born to the cluttered apartment of a disgraced journalist to the Pont Morland between the Seine and the Place de la Bastille. We get to visit portions of the Louvre that we would never see otherwise. The sequences were shot overnight, allowing the cast and crew to explore the museum at their leisure without having to contend with crowds. 

While many of us around the world are confined inside, Lupin serves as a fantastic escape from wherever you're watching it.

4.  The supporting cast is commendable

Not only are Assane's plans entertaining to witness, but so are his interactions with his loved ones, including his high school sweetheart and current ex-wife Claire (Ludivine Sagnier), their 14-year-old son Raoul (Etan Simon), and his boyhood friend Ben (Antoine Gouy).

5.  The honest portrayal of societal differences

Lupin's treatment of social class is portrayed with honesty. Assane's narrative unfolds, we learn that he arrived in Paris from Senegal with his father as a wealthy white businessman's driver. All of their experiences are shaped by race and class. While watching Lupin, you'll find yourself in a fix as you reconsider your views on right vs. wrong, and innocent vs. guilty. Lupin is a personal, intricate narrative of the haves and have-nots, with flashes of glitz and splendor. 

Lupin's social status is noteworthy, as it arguably helps to facilitate the heist that kicks off the series. Assane works as a janitor at the Louvre, cleaning the floors while gazing at the Mona Lisa without being suffocated by tourists; I think the scenario is a lovely touch that shouldn't be neglected.

6.    Praised for its diversity 

Lupin has been praised for its diversity and it cannot be overstated how vital it is that the lead part in a show like Lupin – Netflix's biggest non-English-language title ever and a tremendous global hit — is played by a Black actor. Assane and his father's treatment as immigrants in Paris are woven rightly into the story. 

When it comes to presenting non-white faces in major productions, Netflix is doing a fantastic job.

7. It’s satisfying 

If I had to sum up Lupin in one word, it would be "satisfying." This is a series that lives up to its promise. It's an exciting caper with well-developed characters and a satisfying conclusion. Every loose thread has been tied, and all questions have been answered.

Lupin is streaming on Netflix. So if you haven’t watched it till now. Then just binge on to this amazing series. 

Also, despite the action and fun, this hit show has a significant social message at its core.

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