Jump in Jumpsuits !

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Jumpsuits never started off as a fashion outfit.  Jumpsuits are one piece garments which have the bodice attached to the pants. They are best defined as a loose-fitting garment covering the entire body except for the head, hands and feet — though short-sleeved, shorts and sleeveless versions are also popular. They have a lot of terminologies depending on their original usages - jumpsuits, boilersuits, coveralls,  onesies etc.  They were originally worn by workers as uniforms for their comfort and distinguishing quality. However, following the trickle up theory, the jumpsuits have reached the ramps and stores in stylish versions.

One of the most common variations of these jumpsuits we saw in the earlier years this decade were rompers.  Rompers have shorts at the bottom instead of full pants. We had tighter silhouettes in the early 2000s. And then up until the last couple years we had palazzo jumpsuits, when palazzos in general were trending a lot. But as for 2020, the major iconic trend is baggy, comfortable clothing.  And Jumpsuits fight the scene just perfectly !  Loose, full sized, high waist jumpsuits can be the apt street style trend one is looking for.

One of the best things about a jumpsuit is that it is so cool and fun as an outfit, that one has no need to take any other effort towards styling their outfit. The fabrics that could be used in the making of a jumpsuit are endless. Solids, florals, boho prints, stylish prints, denims, corduroy, even more professional and classic fabrics : every fabric can give an overall a different vibe! Street style fashion has recently hugely incorporated the use of mesh in sweatpants and other bottomwear. That is also an element that would go extremely well with a jumpsuit. 

Over the time, we have seen a lot of classy, rich colours on jumpsuits giving it a very stylish throw. We have also seen cute colours and cute patterns in recent years. But 2020 is all about pop! Popping colours and bright contrasts that catch the eye. Geometric prints, flashy solids, animal patterns, holographic effects, furry fabrics - all of these can be experimented with a jumpsuit pattern.  

The best part about them is that once you have a pair or rocking overalls in your wardrobe, all you need is a solid white/black t shirt and you have got a head - turning outfit ready! 

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