What Is A CNC Press Brake Machine And Features?

With technological breakthroughs, industries all over the world have been progressing at an astounding rate. A variety of machines and tools are now available that greatly benefit the industries.

The manufacturing business, like any other, has its own set of equipment and technologies that have helped it advance over time.

The CNC Press Brake machine is one of these tools, without which the manufacturing industry and fabricators cannot advance. As a result, we will learn everything we can about the CNC press brake machine in this article, including how it operates and other features. If you are in this industry, understanding how CNC press brake machines function can be very advantageous to you, therefore if you are ready, let us get started!

What is a CNC press brake machine?

Before looking into the working processes of a CNC press brake machine, let us first define it.

A CNC press brake machine is a common press brake that incorporates a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) system. The CNC system enables the machine to bend and handle metal sheets as short as a few millimetres and as long as a few metres.

A CNC press brake machine's structure might be of two varieties. They are as follows:

Type 1 (Down Forming): It is made up of a fixed bed (bottom) with a v-shaped tool attached to it. The impact is received by a top beam (also v-shaped), which presses the metal against the v-shaped tool.

Type 2 (Up Forming): This CNC press brake has the same components as type 1. However, in this case, the top piece is fixed, whereas the lower portion moves.

Whatever the type, the final effect will be the same, with no constraints on the shape and design. Now that we've defined what a CNC press brake machine is, we'll look at how it works.

How does a CNC press brake machine work?

A CNC press brake machine is a mechanical tool operated by a hydraulic or electrical system supplied with an AI programming for precise and accurate raw material bending.

It works in a very common ways.

To get started, enter the product information you wish to make into a CNC press brake machine. This information must be precise, with the correct bend angles, and so on. After analysing and comprehending the instructions, the computer will begin operating the machine.

The machine is powered by hydraulic or electric force, depending on whether it is a hydraulic or electric press brake. The load will be applied to the machine's appropriate moving part, depending on the type of machine (type 1 or type 2). This permits the moving component to force the metal sheet against the fixed component, resulting in the required bend.

For CNC machines, the machine will move the metal sheet in step with the computer instructions. As a result, you get the product you want, with precise bends and reliability.

Depending on the shape you wish to make, you can switch between a v-shaped tool called a die (connected to the fixed part) and a knife (linked to the moving part). There are several tool sets on the market that can be used for this purpose.

What Are the Advantages of Using a CNC Press Brake Machine?

Technology is rapidly transforming ancient tools into powerful and dependable tools appropriate for the modern day. The same may be said of CNC Press Brake Machines. There are many reasons why modern CNC Press Brake Machines are superior than traditional ones, and we have highlighted a few of them below. Let us look!

More Efficient And Accurate

Traditional CNC Press Brake Machines were typically run manually, leaving space for faults and errors. However, there is no space for error with CNC Press Brake Machines. For starters, it is fully automated and does not require any human or human oversight. This allows things to go more smoothly and maintain a better workflow, enhancing efficiency and production.

Further, CNC systems produce more exact and precise results than older ones. To summarise, you get speedier outcomes, double the precision, and higher quality work. As you can see, this improves your efficiency and precision. Furthermore, CNC Press Brake Machines are very easy to run and control.

More Economical

Traditional press brake machines had many issues that added up to a higher cost. Traditional Press Brake Machines, for example, must run the entire day even if only used for a few hours. Not to mention that controlling and maintaining traditional press brake machines is far more expensive.

CNC Press Brake Machines, on the other hand, are simple to maintain, produce less waste, and feature high-quality components and parts that are readily available if they breakdown.

What are the different features of the CNC press brake machine?

CNC press brake machines have different features and qualities that can help you in a variety of ways. The following are the standard features offered by Pusaan India with their CNC press brake machines. Of course, you can modify them to meet your specific requirements, but these are the standard characteristics.

·         It provides the CNC DELEM DA53T system, which is capable of 2D graphics (colour).

·         It contains Lazer Safe dual beam photocells.

·         It is made up of a Hoerbiger hydraulic system.

·         It is made up of GIVI optical scales.

·         It has an IE3 motor, which is recognised for its high efficiency.

·         It includes Accurl's proprietary wave crowning mechanism (Accurl Pro

·         It comprises of an electrical cabinet constructed using Siemens and Schnider components.

These are the standard characteristics, but they may differ depending on the model. Again, the tools are highly configurable to your specifications.

How to choose a CNC press brake machine?

CNC press brake machines are an excellent long-term investment for your company. As a result, you must verify that you are investing in the correct machine. Here are a few things to consider while shopping for a perfect CNC press brake machine:

You must think about the materials you will be bending with the machine. Keep in mind the material's type and thickness.

Think about the complexity of the designs and bends you'll be producing. If your designs are extremely advanced, you might consider purchasing a machine with a second axis to ensure that your bends are flawless.Consider the number of materials you will be creating. CNC press brake machines are an excellent choice for bulk manufacturing.You should think about the machine's size as well as the workspace. If you buy a large machine but do not have enough space to run it, it will be useless.

Consider the precision of the bends you will be making. The accuracy of various machines is different. Consider obtaining a set of tools to improve precision and end results.


In the manufacturing industry, CNC press brake machines are incredibly valuable tools. So, now that you know what it is and how it works, the next step is to invest in a machine that will provide you with the highest yield.

With a history of over ten years, Pusaan India has been a major manufacturer in this industry. As previously said, our machines are the best in the industry and have excellent features. Pusaan India wants to exceed industry standards with cutting-edge technologies, high functionality, efficiency, and services.

I am Sanjay Garg, I am Chairman of pusaan Automotion PVT.LTD, Pusaanindia are truly India's biggest CNC Plasma cutting machine

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