What Is CNC Plasma Cutting Machine And Its Function?

You’ve come to the correct place if looking for more details regarding how a CNC plasma cutting machine operates since our team has you covered!

You’ve come to the correct place if looking for more details regarding how a CNC plasma cutting machine operates since our team has you covered! As a top provider of fabrication equipment, Pusaan India is honoured to provide some of the best CNC plasma cutting machines available. We’ll examine these machines’ workings in more detail and go over some of their advantages in this blog post. Find out more and get in touch to locate plasma cutters and other fabrication tools right away!

What Is a CNC Plasma Cutter?

A CNC plasma cutter is a computer-controlled machine that cuts through conductive materials like steel, aluminium, and brass using a high-powered plasma torch. Metal may be cut precisely with plasma cutting, and CNC technology makes it easy to achieve consistent results with no operator involvement.

How Does a CNC Plasma Cutting Machine Work?

A high-pressure stream of ionised gas is used by CNC plasma cutters to cut through metal. The CNC controller manages the movement of the plasma torch, which is connected to an electrical power supply. An electric arc is produced between the electrode and the torch’s nozzle when the trigger is pulled. The gas is ionised by this arc, producing plasma. After then, the torch is used to force the plasma out at a fast speed, which simultaneously cuts through the metal.

Gases Included in the Plasma Cutting Process

Nitrogen is the most typical gas utilised in CNC plasma cutting. Because nitrogen is non-reactive, cutting metal won’t cause it to oxidise. In some circumstances, oxygen can also be employed, but it is more likely to result in the metal rusting or discolouring over time. Depending on the situation, hydrogen and argon may also be utilised.

How Size and Type Affect Functionality

One of the most crucial things to take into consideration when selecting a machine is the size of the CNC plasma cutter. The table’s width and length dictate the cutting area, therefore it’s crucial to pick a machine that can handle the demands of your job. Both single-phase and three-phase types of CNC plasma cutters are available in terms of power. Three-phase CNC plasma cutters are better suited for bigger work, while single-phase CNC plasma cutters are often utilised for smaller projects.

Contact Pusaan India right away if you want to find out more about CNC plasma cutting or buy a CNC machine for your company. Our experts would be pleased to assist you discover the ideal machine for your needs. We’re proud to offer some of the greatest CNC machines on the market, along with a variety of other fabrication tools. Contact us right away for additional details!

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