5 Jobs Where You Can Both Be Creative And Get Paid

I know you want to use your creativity.
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The COVID-19 pandemic has made a lot of us realize our talents and skills. Some of us are, fortunately, gifted with creativity. Whether it’s writing, graphic design, sketching, pottery, or even communication, all of us have a creative quality that makes us special. Luckily, you can put these skills to work in jobs for creatives.

While we look for a way to use our innovative skillset, the world doesn’t always make it easy for us to find employment. Some of us have gained employment in jobs for creatives, but it might not have guided us on a path to a career.

I know exactly how you feel, and I am here to give you a little bit of advice.

e a gander at five jobs for creatives that pay well.

1. Technical Writer
Don’t be worried about the title of this position. Kerri Anne Renzulli, a writer for CNBC, listed this position as being in the top fifteen highest-paying jobs for creative people. Although technical writing isn’t necessarily the most creative form of writing, it has its benefits.

A technical writer creates a vast amount of projects, from journal features to promotional works. Media Bistro writer, Amanda Layman Low, has experience as a technical writer. Amanda learned the “scientific language” needed in order to complete some of her projects. Over time, she was able to earn between $400 to $2,500 per project. Now don’t tell me jobs for creatives don’t pay well!

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Requirements for a technical writer, according to Renzulli, involve gaining a bachelor’s degree in journalism, English, communications, or another similar field. It is also good to have knowledge of either a scientific or technological subject, so you can stand out as a candidate for this position.

Since this job usually has a salary range between $50,000 to $70,000 a year with a background skill as a writer or communicator, it’s the ideal start for a writer because they can build their portfolio while still earning a pretty penny.

2. Web Developer

If you’re searching to find a new and fun creative career, then you should become a Web Developer. This type of career is more accessible to learn than most because there are plenty of schools and websites that will teach you the skills (sometimes even for free).

What would you do in this position, you ask? These types of designers create websites through coding or website templates. In order to achieve this, you’ll need to have a friendly personality since you’ll communicate with your clients about the objective and appearance of their website.

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There are a couple of factors that make this a unique career for creatives. Skillcrusher’s blogger Kelli Smith created a twelve-step list on what someone needs to do in order to get on the web development scene. Since steps such as freelancing or creating portfolio pieces are in no numerical order, you are able to have complete control over how you would like to build your career in this field. You can be an entrepreneur if you want to!

Renzulli shares that the average salary for a Web Developer is around $69,430 with a high employment rate. Not bad for a career that doesn’t require a bachelor’s degree.

3. Educator In Creative Subjects

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Teachers get a bad rep for not being paid enough for their work. This is not always the case if you have education and networking skills as a backing.

Educators are always needed in every subject. Due to the STEM educational movement, Millennials and Generation Z students have suffered from a lack of creativity in their school schedule. While educators are always in demand, The Art Career Project encourages future creative educators to take classes and earn their bachelor’s or master’s degree. The bonus to this advice is that you can take your classes in your unique artistic or creative skillset.

While you’re in school, you can always gain experience as a substitute teacher or tutor. You can even work at a nonprofit that involves going to schools and businesses to teach your craft for thirty minutes to an hour. It’ll truly give you the practice you need as a teacher.

What’s the salary for this type of position? It varies, depending on the school. Renzulli mentions an average salary of $69,960 and a growth rate of 12%. With experience and negotiation, you could possibly earn even more!

4. Digital Marketing Director

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Jobs for creatives are everywhere! If you like social media and are obsessed with writing, research, and marketing, then shoot for a Digital Marketing Director creative career path. The marketing field is a unique creative process that involves teamwork and communication skills.

Digital marketing, according to the Digital Marketing Institute, has a goal of persuading consumers to purchase products. Digital marketers achieve this by creating advertising, social media campaigns, copywriting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) research, and other techniques.

So what is so special about this creative job? Anyone who studies this can specialize in at least fourteen types of digital marketing. Education is a requirement as consumers, and the way they access products, constantly evolve. Starting off with a bachelor’s degree in marketing, media, or a related field is highly recommended. Gaining constant knowledge is a necessity.

Since there are many different positions in marketing jobs, salary numbers have a broad range. PayScale, a compensation research website, states the average Digital Marketing Director earns an estimated $97,200 per year. In jobs for creatives, you don’t have to sacrifice money for happiness.

5. Creative Director

Also called an Art Director, a Creative Director is a business leader that has creative responsibilities. As a “Manager over a Manager,” this career can involve layers of power.

According to Christa Terry, a writer at Noodle.com, a unique aspect of this job is that any path can lead to this type of leadership. Every company needs a Creative Director because every brand needs someone who will lead the entire marketing, art, and advertising team. It’s the perfect career if you enjoy wearing lots of hats in your field.

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While Terry suggests that someone with a master’s degree could make around $89,000 annually, a graduate degree is not always necessary. Although, it couldn’t hurt.

With the large range of what a person can major in at school to be a Creative Director, this opportunity can work for anyone.

Start your new creative career path today by gaining the proper education, networking, and empowering yourself and other people around you. Jobs for creatives do exist, and you can obtain one if you take these first steps!


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