Uncovering The Essential Information When Understanding Your Deepest Most Emotional Self With Moon Sign Astrology

Natal charts uncover who we really are and why we react or do not react. Breaking it down, easily explained.

   Astrological birth charts simply put, are maps of where the planets were (at the time you were born) on their journey around the sun. This is from our view on earth, and in order to calculate a natal chart you need to know the time, place, and date of birth. Understanding and learning how to interpret the chart can be challenging, but I find watching videos helps the most. Astrologers break it down and explain why and how the stars being in line with certain planets during the time of birth, make us who we are. Expanding the knowledge into houses and planets, an astrological chart can uncover trauma, and how to understand that deeper, to then heal. It brings light to why someone may act a certain way when angry, not their fault, it’s in the stars. Understanding someone to their deepest most emotional self is how we find empathy. Finding empathy within ourselves and others, spreads love. Recognizing your birth chart will open a door of knowledge about yourself, never thought possible. Here is my guide to understanding moon sign astrology and how to get in touch with your deepest most emotional self. 

Sun sign is the ego behind the mask

   Natal charts are complex and contain many elements, as do individuals. Every human was born on a specific day within in a specific month. This is your sun sign, where the sun was at the time of your birth in alignment with the stars. Also known as your zodiac sign, this is the most popular or well known placements of a birth chart. Simply put, the sun sign is your ego or who you are to yourself, this can be how an individual moves throughout his/her day. Basic preferences would be determined from the sun sign; such as being a virgo, I like to have routine and order in my day to day. I plan the day out in my head even if I have full intention to be spontaneous, it is instinctual to put time to my day. Below is a list of the 12 zodiac signs and the dates that correlate with each one. 

Sun Sign Dates:

Aries: March 19th to April 18th

Taurus: April 19th to May 19th

Gemini: May 20th to June 19th

Cancer: June 20th to July 21st

Leo: July 22nd to August 21st

Virgo: August 22nd to September 21st

Libra: September 22nd to October 21st

Scorpio: October 22nd to November 20th

Sagittarius: November 21st to December 20th

Capricorn: December 21st to January 18th

Aquarius: January 21st to February 18th

Pisces: February 18th to March 18th

Rising/ascendant sign and the role it plays in your chart

   As if you were wearing a mask over your sun sign, and this is how you wish to portray yourself to the outside world. Rising sign takes over not only style and how one presents themselves, but also navigativing reactions. One's rising sign will enable how they handle their reaction to a situation, the natural defenses that pop up throughout days. Diving deeper into the spiritual side of astrology, some may say that the rising sign is who you picked to be at the moment of reincarnation. This embodies the desired being for life spent on Earth. Once becoming knowledgeable of natal charts many individuals believe their rising sign is more accurate to their personality. Understandably so, this is who one longs to be and will portray themselves as for their life here on Earth. 

Moon sign astrology; understanding deepest emotional self

   The moon was aligned with stars at the moment of birth as well, and in that moment your deepest most emotional self was created. The ruling planet of moods, emotions, and how we perceive and handle these states of being as well as uncovering your most vulnerable self are all determined by the moon. All the thoughts that sit in the back of your mind, some of which would never leave the mind, because of depth are all influenced by your moon sign. These thoughts are vulnerable and personal, they are most often suppressed within individuals due to trauma. Breaking it down further, here is a list of must-knows to understanding your moon sign:

Subconscious thoughts are ruled by the moon

   Thoughts that feel instinctual but are too personal or deep to express to others. Subconscious thinking may come out around self or with someone of comfortable liking. Individuals that share moon signs, or other similarities in their charts seem to empathize and open up more quickly to one another.

Deepest desires/needs are expressed through your moon sign

   Individuals have needs, that are expressed emotionally through their actions and words. Your deepest desires on the emotional level can be expressed best when understanding how your moon sign digests.  

Emotional security and what plays into making emotional security possible are all controlled by the moon. 

   The characteristics that are necessary for feeling emotional security within self and outside forces are influenced by your moon sign.  

Moon sign can and will influence how strong your sun sign is expressed.

   If you have a stubborn sun sign and a soft spoken moon sign, there will be a leveling out that takes place. Along with other aspects within the chart. 

   Moon Sign astrology is taking a look into the inner self. Understanding yourself and or others at their most vulnerable level. To be in touch with the emotional side of oneself is beautifully poetic and can uncover so many truths. Natal charts are a glance into the mind, body and soul of one another. Unpacking and educating yourself on what makes humans the way they are will infuse empathy and love into your life. Knowledge and understanding will take the "why" question away, and begin a new age of thinking and processing.    



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