Fun And Easy DIY Projects To Bond As A Family

Fun summer DIY projects for your family to do together

With the onset of summer, families will have a lot of time together and since spring cleaning is almost done, many of us will reorganize our indoor and outdoor.  With the thought of organizing and decorating, I would like to share some activities that will not only pep up the house but also help family bonding as they can be done as a part of family time. So let's dive in deeper and explore some really fun stuff to do.

Here are the fun and easy DIY projects that your whole family can do together:

1. Landscaping and Decorating the backyard

As the winters are just over, the backyards are usually messy with dead weeds and dry leaves, if the whole family cleans it together, not only will they spend time together but also it will save them a lot of money. With so many cool ideas out there on decorating and landscaping, it is one of those acts that will help kids learn so much. Helping each other as a family will create such a positive environment and sure-shot hands-on learning for kids.

Landscaping and Decorating the backyard
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2. Gardening with your whole family together

Gardening to many of us is therapy and growing your own flowers and vegetables is such a money-saving idea. It helps kids learn a lifelong skill that will help them everywhere they go. In addition to that growing your own garden is a wonderful family activity wherein kids have so much fun. Once everything is planted, kids can be given duties like watering the plants every day which will help them learn to become caring. Plus the concept of farm-to-table sounds so much cooler and organic. 

Gardening with your whole family together
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3. Organizers made by Kids

Every house looks so much cleaner when everything is in place and not scattered around. And for that, you do not need expensive organizers. Everything can be created at home so easily and inexpensively. It not only helps saving money but also helps recycling which is an important thing for future generations to learn. And above all, it's a total fun and family activity that helps bonding as so many people share ideas and kids love it when their ideas are implemented around the house. For these, we just need some cardboard or shoe boxes. Decorate them using color paper or newspaper or kids' drawings depending on the areas you want to use them in and put your stuff in it. The best part is we change them frequently as they are free of cost.

Organizers made by Kids
Karolina Grabowska from

4. Creating storybooks can be a great bonding experience for both parents and kids together

Stories are an inherent part of kids' life and they love listening to them and making them. The fun part is kids can make their own storybooks. All we need is an empty drawing book and some colors and pictures. The whole family can sit together can do it as a project, help kids write their own ideas into words, draw the characters or cut some relevant pictures from some old magazines or newspapers and paste them. It is one of the activities that your kids will love and it will give them so much confidence when they create it and of course will enhance their and your creativity.

Creating storybooks can be great bonding experience for both parents and kids together
image source: Aline Ponce from Pixabay

5. Making birdhouse and birdbath with your kids

It is one of those things that all kids love and making them on our own would be such a wonderful family activity. Either we can get a wooden birdhouse or it can be build using cardboard and kids can decorate it using colors etc. The same can be done with the birdbath. Get a big plastic bowl and put some nice stones and some wildflowers and water, birds just love it and especially kids. We can also put a small solar fountain inside of it. Kids can be delegated the responsibility of putting some food in the birdhouse and changing the water of the birdbath which again, help them learn to take charge of stuff around the house.

Making birdhouse and birdbath with your kids
image source: Maria Tyutina from Pexels

6. Hand Painting your wall with washable colors

This is also a very fun activity that can be tried as a family. Mark a certain section of the wall that you would like to paint with kids. Put different washable colors on the palm and just keep putting handprints all over, once done, it looks so beautiful and colorful and it can be a seasonal activity. As the sun and rain, the color fades away gradually. Family pictures can also be taken in front of it for the whole season which contributes to wonderful memories.

Hand Painting your wall with washable colors
image source: Sharon Mc Cutcheon from Pexels

7. Making Picture Collages

This one always helps bond as a family as when you go through the old pictures, a hell of memories are being revisited. And of course, it is a fun family activity. To make more fun collages, cut small bodies from old magazines or newspapers or comics and paste big faces of your own on them with dialogue bubbles. One college for one event can be made. For example, capturing 1 vacation or one birthday party and writing the original dialogues in the boxes. They can be changed monthly or yearly and will always be memorabilia. 

Making Picture Collages
image source: Raj Rana from Unsplash

8. STEM projects and science experiments together can be a great bonding experience for your whole family

Most of the kids are fascinated by science experiments and so many experiments can be conducted using everyday stuff in the house which not only makes them handy but also inexpensive. And the best part is the whole family can come together and do them which again helps in bonding. For example, experiments like volcano can be done using baking soda and vinegar which are readily available at home. And there are never-ending ideas out there that the whole family can try together.

STEM projects and science experiments together can be a great bonding experience for your whole family
image source: Gabby K from Pexels

These are some of the activities that kids and adults will love simultaneously and will add so much more to family time like learning new skills. Try them out with your family and don't forget to let me know what do you think.

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