Choose The Best Components Of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The nozzle, focus lens, and focus tracking system make up the laser output device that serves as the cutting head of the laser cutting machine.

In order to achieve automatic cutting by irradiating position, fast speed, and high precision, fiber laser cutting machine create high-energy-density laser beams that are concentrated on the surface of the workpiece. As a result, the area irradiated by the ultra-fine focus spot on the workpiece is instantly melted and vaporised. The CNC mechanical system moves the location.

The conventional mechanical knife has been replaced by an invisible beam during laser cutting procedure. It is highly precise, quick to cut, not restricted by cutting pattern, automatic typesetting, material-saving, smooth cutting, and cheap processing cost.

It is widely employed in the machining and machinery production industries, with the most common applications being sheet metal cutting, kitchenware, electric cabinets, the manufacturing of cars, and so on. These applications are made possible by its great performance, exceptionally fast speed, high conversion rate, and many other advantages.

8 Components of Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

1. Fiber laser source

It is the most important part of the fiber laser cutting machine and serves as the "power source" that enables the cutting action. Fiber lasers are more efficient, last longer, require less maintenance, and are less expensive than other forms of lasers. Raycus and IPG are the most popular best laser source manufacturers.

2. Laser Cutting Head

The nozzle, focus lens, and focus tracking system make up the laser output device that serves as the cutting head of the laser cutting machine. The cutting head of the laser cutting machine will move along the predetermined cutting track, but under various materials, thicknesses, and cutting conditions, the height of the laser cutting head needs to be changed and controlled. In most cases, manufacturers will include a Raytools laser head on low- to medium-powered machines. For high power, Germany Precitec laser heads are typically equipped (8KW to 12KW).

3. Servo Motors

An engine that manages the operation of mechanical parts in a servo system is referred to as a servo motor. It is an indirect speed change mechanism for an auxiliary motor. The servo motor can convert a voltage signal into torque and speed to move a control object, and it can also adjust speed and position accuracy very precisely. The laser cutting machine's cutting accuracy, positioning speed, and repetition positioning accuracy may all be efficiently guaranteed by the high-quality servo motor. For instance, the dependable, premium servo motor brand Yaskawa from Japan.

4.  Water Chiller

The laser cutting machine's chiller, which can swiftly and effectively cool the laser source, laser head, and other equipment, is its cooling mechanism. All of today's chillers have input and output control device switches, as well as sophisticated cooling water flow, high and low temperature warnings, and more consistent performance. S&A is a popular brand of industrial water chillers.

5. Air Cutting System

The fiber laser cutting machine air cutting system primarily consists of an air compressor, a filter, and an air drier. Two types of air sources are present among them: compressed air and bottled air. In comparison to other gas cutting, air cutting is more environmentally friendly, and it is preferred over nitrogen since it uses less gas.

6. Host

The host of the laser cutting machine refers to the bed, beam, table, and Z-axis system as a whole. Put the workpiece on the bed first, then use the servo motor to drive the beam to control the movement of the Z axis when the laser cutting machine is cutting. The user can change the parameters to suit their own needs.

7. Control system

It primarily regulates the machine tool, realises the movement of the X, Y, and Z axes, and also regulates the laser's output power.

8. Stabilizer

Connected to the power supply system, CNC machine tool, and laser. play a major part in preventing disturbance from outside the grid.

To identify the laser equipment that is best for our industry's products, we thus don't just look at the properties of the materials that make up our products, but also at how well the laser equipment performs. Pusaan India are the best fiber laser cutting machine manufacturer in India. Pusaan India Automation Laser focus on providing customer high quality reliable equipment.

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