Freshman Credits

Lessons the lecture room won't teach.

   Freshman season, for a college student, may arguably be the best one. If you ask for a parents perspective, it may be the most stressful. Don't get me wrong, college life is amazing, but it isn't always sunny on campus. Especially for a freshman.

   You were just the "cool senior" in high school that knew everything, but now you are the new kid on the plaza. A huge adjustment with so much to learn. No matter the emotion, there is no doubt that these first two semesters will serve as one of the greatest professors of your life. Literally, your life! With that being said, take out your notebooks. The lesson starts now. 

1. Meet and Greet

Most high school graduates choose to attend college away from home. For an introvert, this action is pretty bold and also commendable. However, it is imperative to start tapping into your extrovert side. 

  • It is a dorm room, not a jail cell
  • Attend freshman activities. There is something comforting about being surround by others who are just as anxious and confused about this new chapter in life as you are. Besides, these will essentially be your neighbors for the next four years of your life. The great part is, nine times out of ten, your new life long bestfriend is waiting on you at the same event. 
  • Network with your peers. It is certain that one day you will be assigned a task that you may not have the expertise nor experience to complete. for example, A mini commercial about stocks. Although you may not have knowledge on filming or editing, Your friend Justin that you met at that one freshman event, does. Now look, you've passed the assignment. Thanks Justin!

2) Be Open. Beware

"If you do not go through life with an open mind, You will find a lot of closed doors" - Mark W. 

  • While meeting and greeting, it will not take many conversations to learn that no two people are alike. That is the beauty of college
  • People come from all walks of life and as a human race, we must understand that that is perfectly fine. Take time to learn different cultures, and experience friendships with various ethnicities.
  • Never be afraid to broaden your knowledge about the many worlds outside of your own. Be open to trying different foods, learning different religions and family habits. Not everything will be "for you", understood, but at least you tried. 

3) No Copying, Just Facts

  • Yes, college is about getting a degree, but it is also about learning yourself. Do just that! make your own mistakes. Be weird. Create and Understand what truly makes you happy. All of these things come together to make up your identity and defy exactly who you are. 
  • Never waste time on imitating what you see. Be original and leave your own mark.

4) Organize Your Organizations

"No one can do everything, but everyone can do something" 

  • Attend campus Organization Fairs. This is where every organization on campus comes together to promote their platform. These fairs make it extremely easy for "the new kids" to decided what they would like to get involved in during their student career based on their personal interest.
  • The "from class, to the lunch room, to the dorm" schedule can get boring, fast and easily ruin your college experience. adding in a little extra curricular activities will add a sense of excitement to your student career. 
  • Organizational involvement will speak loudly on your resume so pick more than one. 

5) Relax

  • Take a deep breath, and enjoy the moment. Everything will be fine
  • Balance is key. Give time to your social life, your School life, and most importanly, your personal life. 
  • Take breaks! There's nothing like a nap after class before a study session.
  • Keep your mental, emotional, and physical being in tact. College can be a very overwhelming time, especially for the first two semesters of it. Wrap yourself in things that make you happy. (music, books, nature) 

There is no right or wrong way to live your college life and as contradicting as it may sound, this time is not all about studying and bookwork. It is about building lasting relationships with those around you. It is about connecting with yourself. It is about making mistakes, learning new things and improving as a person. Party, but study. Go to class, but get involved. Hang with friends but get your rest because again, balance is key. The moment you move your belongings into your new dorm home, a new life begins. There is a new chapter to your book of life that needs to be written and the most powerful thing is that you are the illustrator. unfortunately by this point, You are thousands of dollars in debt, why not get the entire experience? Class dismissed. #SchoolingLife

Best wishes. 

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