How Choose To Cutting Quality Of A Fiber Laser Cutting Machine ?

How Choose to cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine, you should consult the senior operation technology of fiber laser cutter of Pusan India and the following 5 points are summarized.

How Choose to cutting quality of fiber laser cutting machine, you should consult the senior operation technology of fiber laser cutter of Pusan India and the following 5 points are summarized.

1.  The influence of focus position adjustment on cutting quality

The selection of lens focal length is a crucial decision since laser power density has a significant impact on cutting speed. The spot size is inversely proportional to the focal length of the lens once the laser beam has been focussed. The spot size is very small and the power density at the focal point is very high after the beam is focused by a short focal length lens, which is very advantageous for material cutting. However, its drawback is that the focal depth is very short and the adjustment margin is small, generally suitable for high-speed cutting of thin materials. As long as the long focal length lens has a sufficient power density, because it has a larger focal depth,it is more suitable for cutting thick workpieces.

Maintaining the focus and workpiece constant relative position throughout the cutting process is a crucial requirement for producing steady cutting quality. Sometimes, poor cooling during operation leads the lens to become hot, changing the focal length, necessitating prompt focal position adjustment.

Better focus results in a narrower slit, more efficiency, and better cutting outcomes can be achieved with faster cutting. The beam focus is typically set to just beneath the nozzle in applications. Typically, there is a 1.5 mm gap between the workpiece's surface and the nozzle.

2. The influence of cutting procedures on cutting quality

Choosing such an appropriate cutting programme is crucial, taking the technological requirements of the product into consideration. We might have to use a fiber laser cutting machine to cut different patterns as part of the daily production and processing process, which necessitates the usage of various cutting methods. To produce high-quality work quickly, our operators must set up acceptable cutting methods in accordance with various cutting techniques.

3. The influence of cutting speed on cutting quality

The cutting speed adheres to an empirical formula for a given laser power density and material. The cutting speed of the material is proportional to the laser power density as long as the cutting speed is over the pass threshold, meaning that raising the power density can increase the cutting speed. The power density being discussed here has something to do with both the beam quality mode and the laser output power. Additionally, the size of the concentrated spot and other features of the beam focusing mechanism have a significant impact on laser cutting.

Particularly for metal materials, the laser cutting speed can have a relative adjustment range and still be able to maintain a satisfied cutting quality provided that other process factors are kept constant. When cutting thin metals, this adjustment range seems slightly wider than thick parts. Sometimes the sluggish cutting speed can also lead to the discharge of the hot melt material abrading the opening's surface, leaving an extremely rough cut surface.

4. The influence of laser output power

The magnitude of the laser power and the calibre of the mode will significantly affect cutting for continuous wave output fiber laser sources. In practical use, a greater power setting is frequently used to achieve a faster cutting rate or to cut thicker materials. However, the beam mode (the way the beam's energy is distributed throughout the cross section) can also be significant, and it frequently gets a little worse as output power rises. The modes change during the course of the laser's entire useful operating life. The mode mechanism will be impacted by the state of the optical components, minute variations in the laser working gas mixture, and flow variations.

5. The impact of layout plan on cutting quality

Under the idea of quality assurance, a great layout plan must be created. When we receive the raw materials, the first thing we should think about is how to shorten the cutting route to eliminate the need for repeated cuts and increase cutting efficiency.

The cutting speed, focus location, laser output power, cutting technique, and layout plan are five crucial criteria, notwithstanding the complexity of the parameters impacting the fiber laser cutting machine. If the cutting quality is discovered to be noticeably inferior throughout the cutting process, all of the above must first be verified and immediately changed.

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