How To Keep Your Outboard Motor In Excellent Condition


How do you keep your boat engines in top shape? It is the most common question asked almost by every motorboat owner. However, it is easy to keep your outboard motor in tip-top shape, even if you are not a mechanic. With a little TLC (Tender Loving Care) and maintenance, you can keep your motor running and last for a long, long time, as it is said that maintenance is a lot cheaper than repairs. Therefore, in this article, we will be discussing 10 basic maintenance steps to keep your outboard motor in excellent condition.

10 Basic Maintenance Steps to Keep Your Outboard Motor in Excellent Condition

Maintenance Points to Consider Before Going for a Trip

  • Before going for a trip, always check for adequate fuel and that the fuel tank vent is clean and open for proper circulation of fuel.
  • Make sure that all of the engine mount screw clamps are secure, snug and bolted properly.
  • Check that the water intake pickup is clean and debris free.

Maintenance Points to Consider After Coming from a Trip

  • It doesn’t matter if you went for saltwater or a freshwater adventure. Always flush out the engine for any sand, gravel, pollution or any other debris in the water.
  • Buy a set of “ear muffs,” which consists of an engine flusher with two flexible rubber seals coupled to a metal clamp. One side is attached to a garden hose, and the other is solid and will serve to plug for water intake. This will clean all the debris and pollutants from the motor.
  • Start the engine, and the water pump will then flush the system. Allow the motor to reach working temperature before operating, so the thermostat will open and allow water to circulate through the cooling system (Note: Make sure to stay away from the prop and not shift the motor into gear).
  • While flushing the motor, check the water pump for good water pressure. Carefully put your finger to check the stream and temperature of the water.
  • The water temperature should be warm and not hot, and the water pressure must be strong enough to clean all the debris and pollutants from the outflow tube. If the force is not strong, the debris and pollutants might get stuck in the outflow tube. In this situation, turn off the engine right away, to avoid overheating and damage to the motor.
  • Disconnect the fuel line after flushing the engine and allow the engine to consume all of the fuel in the carburettor. And turn off the key and the battery switch once you've finished flushing and burning the fuel.
  • Wipe off all surfaces and apply the corrosion inhibitor. Lubricate all moving parts, including pivots, shift cables, throttle cables, carburettor, and so on.
    Replace the engine cowling and wipe any water or fuel deposits. And cover the motor in a canvas or a plastic till the next trip.

Additional Regular Maintenance Points to Consider to Keep Outboard Motor in Excellent Condition

  • Check that the fuel line fittings are correctly seated and are not leaking.
    Lubricate the engine tilt and steering grease points every 100 hours or once a year (whichever is less).
  • As needed, replace the spark plugs and plug wires.
    Check for water in the fuel frequently.
  • Every two years, replace the impeller on the water pump (annually if it is used in salt water).
  • Make sure that you only use fresh fuel.


    If you do all the maintenance activity as mentioned above, it will keep your Outboard & inboard boat engines in Excellent Condition for many years, and this will also help in getting a lot more money when selling your boat. Once a wise man said, “Take care of your equipment, and it will take care of you.” Therefore, apply this to your outboard for fun and fantastic fishing trips for years to come. You can shop suzuki outboards, honda outboards, tohatsu outboards, volvo penta engine and their parts on
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