Spider Plants & Succulent Plants

Plants are very important for us

Spider Plants:

The spider plant is one of the easiest plants to grow for air purification. Carbon monoxide xylene formaldehyde and toluene are among the hazardous substances that can be removed from the air.

Adding the spider plant to hospital rooms according to various studies improves the recovery rate of surgical patients when compared to people in rooms without the plant.

Growing Spider Plants in Water is simple enough that even a beginner gardener can do it. A plant purchased from a garden store or nursery will be delivered in a pot.

You can swiftly grow many plants from that one in the water. Using a clean pair of scissors or a knife cut Plantlets off your spider plant. Put them in a jar with only the bottom half-submerged in water.

In a jar or vase keep plantlets upright. In 7-14 days you'll notice new roots.

Succulent Plants:

People nowadays prefer to use plants as an item of décor both inside and outside of their house. It is indeed a good option as plants provide oxygen as well as positivity. If you are looking for such plants that can easily survive indoors, then succulent plants fall under this category. If you are a beginner in gardening, maintaining succulents is a very very easy job.

Succulentmeans juicy or tender. This means the plants that have water in their leaves, stems, or both are known as succulent plants. In this category, you would find different types and species. Also, these plants are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors, sizes, and unique features. These plants are capable of tolerating prolonged drought and thus, considered best for indoors.

Thanks to the special adaptations of these plants, they can easily survive in dry indoor environments. The thick stems, fleshy leaves, and enlarged roots of these plants help in holding water and thus, these plants can easily survive indoors with just occasional watering and bright light. Overwatering can lead to the shedding of leaves and rotting of stems. Also, these plants usually get damaged due to bright sunlight. More...

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