The Pro's And Con's Of Eastern Immigration

A wave of young adults flock eastward as the new soar of South Korean popularity pulls more of Gen Z towards Asian culture. However, this growing interest comes with both pros and cons.

South Korea's popularity has long since been on the rise with its hits in entertainment. From K-Dramas, to K-Pop, all the way to its minimalistic fashion, South Korea has become a global hotspot and the talk of the town. This high-rise interest in South Korean culture is now pulling younger generations overseas to see the country for themselves. 

Most go through the easier channels, that being teaching positions offered at profoundly large rate. The pay for being an English teacher is not without its perks as it often offers young English speakers the chance to be able to financially support themselves with just enough room to live a comfortable life abroad. The opportunity itself does allow a broad range of candidates as a few of the only requirements being a fluency in English and a Bachelor's degree.

However, this opportunity is not without its cons. A lot of these flocking youngsters are coming to get a live action view of the world that they have been admiring from afar. But what a lot of newcomers don't realize is that just like every other country in the world, this rising giant of a country does have its faults. Despite what people believe to be an understanding of this far-off Asian country from their fascination made through media connections, this growing economical giant has its doses of reality too. 

Many, unfortunately, learn this too late as their heads are so consumed with the fantasy that Korean entertainment offers on such a large scale. Those who have learned to see past the dazzling idols and gorgeous drama stars will assuredly tell you one thing that must be agreed on. South Korea is not like what people see on their screens, it's a country filled with people who have flaws, and make mistakes just like the rest of the world. There are issues with xenophobia, misogynism, homophobia, and racism that are hidden problems that are pushed to the background of the country's image.

These high alert issues are hardly ever brought to light due to the intense need to maintain the global image of Korean entertainment. In fact, some of these issues lie just under the surface of modern Korean entertainment but in some cases can be intentionally covered up to protect artists who are at fault.

There is an argument to be made that fans are at fault as well in the covering up of and protection of South Korea's fantasy image. Occasions have been noted when consumers are more than willing to overlook these problems to maintain the haze of romanticized images of their favorite shows and artists. This romanticizing, however, can soon be turned into a fetishization that can cause hurtful and confining stereotypes as well as incorrectly persuade visitors of false perceptions. 

This fetishization can also cause many to presume incorrect things about an entire country of people that can hinder them from getting to really come to understand Korean culture and its people on a more meaningful level. This can be the misunderstanding that causes a lot of young people to flock abroad for a lot of the wrong reasons.

Even though there are many who move across the Pacific to satisfy their Korean fan craving, there are those who truly wish to go for the love of travel and the desire to try new things. That is something that should be noticed and encouraged. In no way should this article dissuade adventurous Gen Z's from hoping on a plane and following their passions. However, there is a need for a splash of truth that perhaps could save someone a trip based on preconceived beliefs that could soon fall short.

This Korean haze has inspired the world with the beauty of South Korean fashion, culture, entertainment, and charm. But this haze might be pulling young people into a world that they might not understand or be capable of navigating. 

As many people know, this South Korean wave of entertainment, has been pulling many to lean towards admiration of the culture as well as obsession. For those of you who are lucky enough not to have learnt the name Oli London, count your lucky stars. 

Oli London, a London based media influencer, has been making headlines on the news and on most social media platforms. It would make sense of course why, seeing as he has become so obsessed with K-Pop that it has led him to go to multiple plastic surgeons so that he can become a look-alike to his favorite BTS idol, Jimin. 

As Tiktokers would have it, Oli London is an offensive and degrading person who has not only become fanatic with his obsession of K-Pop, but is now whole-heartedly convinced that he is Korean. This is just one example of how an obsession with the fantasy of Korean life can pull one into unhealthy and boundary-crossing habits. 

In a whole full of spectrums and identities, it is important to remember that though we may never understand someone else's inner thoughts, we have to at least respect their decision on how to be identified by the outside world. However, where do we draw the line? 

Is it truly possible to take on another ethnic culture as one's own? Or has this wave of admiration turned into an unhealthy obsession to not only worship one's idol but to become them? 

South Korean entertainment is a powerhouse, of that there is no doubt. It's large range of amazingly talented and gorgeous cultural aspects draws in crowds from all over the world. The amount of views and fans that span over the globe that flock towards the image of Korean entertainment has shocked and awed the world.

But is this wave of global adoration turning into a brainwashing issue that is convincing our younger generations that the images on their screen is waiting for them somewhere overseas? Or that they too are capable of becoming their idols by morphing into another existence entirely?

There is room for a hopeful future abroad, however, it's important to note that there will be days where people will convince you that perhaps this move wasn't the right one for you, but that is something that most people in the world have experienced. While it important to weigh the cons and reasonings for moving to South Korea, it is also important to relish the pros. The amazing opportunities that wait across the various cities in this small east Asian land provide a great chance to make amazing memories and meet new acquaintances. 

South Korea holds so many great wonders that make this country a global attraction that would make a fantastic travel destination. While there are dangers and misconceptions about this small corner of the world, this can be true of anywhere in the world. Regardless of one's love for K-Drama and Korean idols, it is important to remember that what we see on a screen is not always the reality of things. By keeping in pace with stereotypes and fantasized notions, illusions of life in a quickly progressing country might hinder one's experience. So if your journey pulls you across the sea and around the globe, the best advice would be to keep an open mind about what to expect in a country you've never seen before.

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