What Are Inflatable Boats? Why Do You Need Inflatable Boat?

Inflatable boats are lightweight boats that are constructed using flexible tubes containing pressurized gas. These boats are convenient for transport in case of emergencies or short distance maneuvering. Most inflatable boats are much, MUCH cheaper than their traditional counterparts. Most people save thousands of dollars when they choose an inflatable option for their next boat.

Most inflatable boats take up significantly less space than their traditional counterparts. Even RIBs and boats with segmented metal floors are easier to store than regular boats.

Many people wonder how long inflatable boats can possibly last. After all, many of them look like they would be relatively easy to pop, and then your boat would be ruined. However, most inflatable boats are designed to last between 2 and 20 years, and some purchasers report even longer lifespans.

Portable and lightweight, our Honwave inflatables boats are perfect as a tender for coastal exploration, fishing or simply gliding over the open water. With the addition of a Honda marine engine, the pair will make it easy riding all the way. That’s because our innovative, large diameter inflatable tubes ensure top class flotation and stability. All Honwave models are constructed using a durable, high quality PVC fabric, not only ensuring maximum durability and performance, but providing total usability and enjoyment. And with the option of a V-shaped hull, they can smooth out even the roughest of rides.

Honwave Inflatable

Light and fast, these Honwave inflatables are packed with comfort and performance features.  Their deep-V hull design significantly optimises keel performance and ensures maximum stability at virtually any speed.  The hull design incorporates am extended rear inflated floor trim pad for effortless directional agility, responsive helm balance and increased bouyancy.

What Inflatable Boat do I need?

You can buy a wide range of inflatable boats. The main differences with the Boatworld boats are which sort of floor you would like. A Slatted floor boat is always the cheapest but not always the best option if you want to get on the plane or have a big engine. That is why we offer a solid aluminium floor and coming soon an inflatable air deck floor. But depending on which company you buy from differences can include but are not limited to different materials PVC/ Hypalon. Differences in material thicknesses, tube diameters, seat configurations, transoms, air chambers in the boat just to name a few.

What are the main criteria for choosing an inflatable boat?

Boat type
Boat size
Passenger capacity
Loading capacity
Features of the hull

What is the difference between inflatable boats?

First of all, the modern inflatable boat is made of strong elastic material of PVC and consists of several airtight sections which are pumped with an air by means of the pump.

Inflatable boats are rowing and motor, flat-bottomed and keel. The height of the board, the shape of the bow and the type of transom can also be different, depending on the dynamic characteristics of a particular model.

Rowing boats are a simple version of a flat-bottomed boat that can be used with or without a flooring. The size of a rowing boat can vary from 1.9 to 2.8 meters, sometimes up to 3 meters. In most cases, rowing boats have mountings for the hinged transom and can be equipped with a removable hinged transom under the engine, up to 3.5 hp.

Motor boats are flat-bottomed and keel with a stationary transom under the motor. Motor flat-bottomed boats do not have a keel, they can be put on several options of floorboards, from plywood to inflatable, which adds rigidity to the boat. The sizes of such boats do not exceed 3,3 meters in length, there is a possibility of installation of the motor to 12 hp. These boats have average steering characteristics. But if speed and better steering are important to you, then a motor keel boat will suit you. The keel boat has a keel and a rigid floorboard, it can be plywood or aluminum. Such boats will please with the considerable sizes, from 3 to 4,5 meters and a possibility of installation of the more powerful motor to 35 hp. Motor keel boats are good for long distances. Passenger capacity varies from one to several people. Inflatable boats have a small draft, they are suitable for operation in almost any body of water.

Inflatable boats are extremely convenient to use and have an important role to play in rescue operations. They are mostly used as lifeboats and rescue boats. Hence, the inflatable boat must be of the utmost quality and durability, to efficiently carry out tasks. 

Inflatable boats made of PVC and Hypalon are the two most common and easily available options of fabric. SHM Shipcare uses Hypalon to make inflatable boats due to its durability and strength of Hypalon. Inflatable boats are used as lifeboats on big vessels. Inflatable boats are the most important aspects of marine safety. 

We offer sales, service, and support for some of the industries most recognized brands including Volvo Penta, Honda, Suzuki, Tohatsu.

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