Do Healing Crystals Actually Work? What To Know About This Current But Everlasting Trend

Is that $45 amethyst really worth it?
Crystals can be used for interior decor but also spiritual purposes
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Decorating your home with crystals to uplift your spirits and promote wellbeing may have only just started to stand out to you in boutiques and in stores. Collecting rocks and gemstones is something that is not new, but has been an important part of people's lifestyles and meditation for decades.

However, now purchasing crystals can be a very expensive hobby because of how popular they have become for interior design purchases over spiritual practices.

The Background and History of Crystals:

Crystals may be called a fad, but the use of the stones as pieces of decor, fashion, and healing practices have been around since ancient generations. They were recognized for the physical properties at first, and then older civilizations have begun to realize the benefits they were having on the mind and spirit. 

Stanford scholar Marisa Galvez, an associate professor who is researching different societies and their fascination with crystals through the centuries. She notes how most people are drawn to the stone because of their physical appearance. They are transparent but dark. They are beautiful in how they look, but there is a history behind them that is why they are so popular. In the Middle Ages, crystals could bring a spiritual embodiment, representing faith.  

Not only can it serve as a spiritual symbol, it in Eastern medieval tests, crystals was representative of erotic love. They had qualities that became represented through architecture in the design of mystery, uncertainty, and desire. The stones not only inspired architects but also poets. 

crystals used for spiritual practices and healing rituals
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"Crystal was also a material for thinking about – and not merely representing – erotic love. Even in descriptions of exotic “Eastern” architecture in medieval texts, the crystalline qualities of fountains and buildings evoke mystery, uncertainty and desire" Marisa Galvez

Galvez recognized the medieval writers were taking this inanimate object and through their interpretation of it, brought the meaning and symbolism of the crystals. Even dating back to the Bible, crystals held religious symbolism by expressing faith and purity because of their rough appearance by the ability to refract light. As shown in Revelation 21:11 describes New Jerusalem is “having the glory of God, and the light thereof was like to a precious stone, as to the jasper stone, even as crystal.” 

Crystals were first known for the use of jewelry making but also because of their metaphysical properties, meaning the relationship between the stone and the human mind. With that in mind, crystal healing dates back to 6000 years ago as these metaphysical properties became well known and practiced. Sumerians and Egyptians are referenced as the first to use them to ward off bad energy and illness. 

However, now crystal healing is said to use concepts from Asian cultures and the Hindu or Buddhist concepts of the chakra connecting physical and supernatural energies in the body. 

But do they actually work?

Asking if healing crystals actually heal or bring energy is like asking if God is real. People have a fixed faith where they can pray or meditate with and there is no science to explain that. However, the fact that crystals have been around for centuries and continue to be sold and used, shows that they really can hold meaning. 

do healing crystals really work
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According to WebMD, the most medical effect of crystals is the placebo effect, meaning, medical treatment is given, either a pill, or a shot, but it is not real and there, in fact, is no medicine inside the treatment. The patient does not know this and in time, they start to become better because they believe they had something injected or digested. Psychologist Stuart Vyse explains, "There is no scientific evidence to support the medical effectiveness of any of these remedies,” he says. "But there is the possibility that they might have an indirect psychological benefit." 

"There is no scientific evidence to support the medical effectiveness of any of these remedies, but there is the possibility that they might have an indirect psychological benefit" Stuart Vyse.

There is little research out there to confidently say whether alternative medicine like healing crystals work. Studies have been conducted where a group of people was given genuine stones and plastic ones and the effects that crystals would have on their body and mood. Both groups reported back the same effects even though half were plastic stones. Although the placebo effect may work in psychological aspects it must be remembered it cannot cure a disease or physical health issue. 

Although there may be little research to support whether crystals can heal a person from vibrations or indirect psychology, many people are firm believers from personal experiences that crystals have positively benefited their health or mood. Like Christians wear a cross around their neck to feel closer to God, crystal believers feel wearing moonstone will connect them to the divine feminine and keep level emotions. Anything can have power if you give attention to it. 

Healing Crystal Certified
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Crystal healing is an unregulated holistic medical practice so anyone who owns crystals can call themselves a crystal healer as the government does not regulate it. Crystal healing certificates have become more popular, so one can go through training to be more qualified as a crystal healer or crystal therapist. According to a crystal healing online certificate school, crystal healing is a form of vibrational medicine where energy is given to the crystal to treat the body, mind, spirit, and emotions. The energies balance one another out by repairing energetic imbalances in the human body's energy field. 

In a crystal healing certificate program, you will learn the science and metaphysics of crystals along with learning the training and technique. Other perks are learning how to identify crystals, distinguish real ones from fakes, and learn the attributes of their healing. For instance, higher vibration stones are better for healing because of how they play in the energy field of the body.

Most healing crystal certification classes are online courses that work a lot like a college or university. They have weekly modules online, lecture videos, and quizzes. 

healing crystals real?
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Crystal grids are a typical service offered by crystal healers, which can be done from afar or on the body. A crystal grid is a unique arrangement of stones placed in a pattern using sacred geometry to have a desired healing effect. The geometric shape tends to differ each time depending on the healer and the desired healing effect. 

Types of Crystals for Healing and Higher Energy

There are many crystals that serve different purposes for well-being, energy, or spiritual purposes. 

Healing crystals and if they work
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The most popular crystals are clear quartz and amethyst crystals however both hold different purposes in healing.

  • Clear quartz is the master healer because it amplifies the vibrations of other stones. Its main purpose is for connecting you with your higher self or spirit guides.
  • Amethyst crystals are for ridding negative energy. They are very high in energy so also good for tapping into higher intuition. 
  • The Chrysocolla crystal (pictured directly above), is known as the goddess stone. It is aimed towards women embracing divine feminine power "through strong communication, self-expression, empowerment, and education" ( It has contrasting powers of stimulating the mind while calming the body. 
  • Lapis Luzuli stones are for speaking one's truth. 
  • Rose quartz promotes positive energy. It is known for enhancing love for others and loving yourself.
  • While the Black Obsidian crystal is to keep you grounded. 

Ways to Use Healing Crystals

There are many ways to use healing crystals besides meditation. You can grip your home with crystals by placing crystals in different areas to protect the energy of your home. For example black tourmaline and selenite at the entrances of your home. You can even put crystals in your garden to help with growth. Some even drink gem water which means you place gemstones in water and drink the water that has absorbed the properties of the stones. Make sure the crystal you are using is safe to make gem water out of because some have hazardous components. 

Where to Get Healing and Decorative Crystals

Healing crystals can be found in a variety of places from online markets to in-person stores, it is, however, you choose to purchase the stone. Some may prefer going in person to feel the crystal and see if they can sense energy. Make sure you are noting how large the stone is if purchasing online because oftentimes people are surprised by how small they are. 

You can order crystals online from these trusted websites:

You can buy healing crystals such as the Chrysocolla (as pictured above) from Amazon. They have plenty of others from a variety of prices to types of stones. Crystals such as an Amethyst crystal quartz cluster in a larger can size can start at around $50 on Amazon

do healing crystals really work
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Etsy has countless options of crystals from individual stones to healing 30 piece sets. 

Local boutiques, small furniture stores, or home interior shops are great for finding crystals as well but may come at a higher cost. You may just be lucky enough to find out that your city has a whole store dedicated to crystals. 

Here are some stores devoted to crystals in these popular American cities:

  • Chicago: Journeys Path
  • Manhattan: ScentElate 
  • Detroit: Motown Witch
  • Minneapolis: The Enchanted Rock Garden
  • Phoenix: Fantasia Crystals
  • Miami: 9th Chakra

Choose the crystal for you based on price and the type of vibrations it provides. Set your crystals by the sun to charge its energy and set specific intentions or goals on what you want the crystal to provide you. This is a type of meditation, medicine, and spiritual practice. Although there may not be an abundance of scientific evidence, the psychological benefits have been believed to heal the mind for over thousands of years.

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