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Evangeline Speaks

A rare expose on how i feel about love , is it of the mind or of the heart or nothing at all.
Does anyone else feel the way I do about love in a modern society being an old soul in a cage I've barely ventured out of. A bird just learning to develop cultured wings to be able to fly in grace, truth of being and honor. Not just to societal values but bringing a voice from the beginning of time until today. What does it mean to love I ask?. Is it self love first or is it a general yet personal approach to include all possible things that life could throw at you and is that acceptable or does it make one as naive and a pushover as many may say if you "Accept it all". Is it acceptance or a vision we follow committed all the way with a focus of true completion with or without reward. A love we foster whether we can or we cant, where the kernel reveals the corn and yet there is no reward except a heart that if noticed has no expectations yet the end is the same we are made manifest and there is no end to that.