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Navigating Food Allergies In The Restaurant Industry

Scripted Version for FEI Podcast
Food allergies are common in restaurants, more than you think. One in three people report having a reaction in a restaurant so it’s important to understand the risks and training that are both provided when dining out and having food allergies. Going out to eat is common between families, friends and colleagues, so learning what to eat in these spaces can provide a more safe and satisfying experience. But, what can restaurants and the food industry provide to create a safe and enjoyable experience? How can we keep ourselves and our families safe in environments that induce allergic reactions to certain foods? How can we manage our stress when we have partners that work in the food service industry, when we have severe food allergies? These are some topics we will talk about today.

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Scripted Version of the Psychological Effects Of Food Allergies
The Psychological effects of Food Allergies Food is everywhere in our society and is an important feature in our social activities, particularly for children. From birthday celebrations, to restaurants and family trips, food is an essential fixture with how we communicate with each other and how we can communicate with our bodies. If we understand that food is a common communicator for our personal and social interactions, can food intolerance and food allergies adversely affect social and mental health? Can food allergies affect interactions and activities? How does having a food allergy affect families? These are some of the questions we will explore in today’s episode.
The History Of Food Allergies And Asthma In America by Aria Binns

The History Of Food Allergies And Asthma In America

Among the medical advancements in America, finding cures for illness, ailments, and diseases have historically changed the face of medicine. These medical improvements are vital to society as the progression reduces the financial burden of illness and can protect the healthcare system. However, as time passes, we find one of humanity's oldest chronic diseases has thrived and evolved: Food Allergies. A food allergy is an abnormal immune response to food. When a seemingly harmless particle enters the body of a person who has an allergen to the particle, such as milk, peanuts, or pollen, it can cause the immune system to react, create antibodies and defend itself. The symptoms of an allergic reaction can take many forms, from coughing, wheezing, and hives to potential death from closed airways and a sudden dramatic drop in blood pressure. As there is no cure, managing and prevention have become the only sustainable ways to defend the person experiencing the disease.

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Black And Asian Minnesotans Fight Together

As I wait in the Golden Thyme Coffee and Cafe, located on Selby Ave, I shuffle around questions on paper in preparation of Anthea Yur. A local community organizer and activist with strong ties with the Black Lives Matter movement. "I spent a lot of time at George Floyd Square taking up space," Said Yur, in response to the murder of George Floyd, an unarmed black man killed by the Minneapolis Police Department sparking the racial uprising in Minneapolis. "Due to community demands and things we needed, we had a few threats. But, boots on the ground right? And that's how I feel of everyone's role as a community organizer. You start with boots on the ground, you start to understand what the community needs." The interview is captivating as the subject matter surrounds the cooperative practices between Asian and African Americans on Saint Paul ground using the Rondo Area as the scene.